Saturday, April 9, 2011

Habs vs.leafs - Full Circle Edition

Notes on the third:

-Might have been a good idea to sit Hammer for the third and put Weber back on D. But what do I know?

-Stunning footage of Gomez actually scoring goals in his rookie season, showing the contrast between his intensity then versus now.

-P.K. with the full-body sprawl to prevent a leaf shot. Wonder where he learned that?

-Cammalleri couldn't buy a goal with Gomez' money.

-No goal after Price slams the glove down as the puck crosses the line. That was very close.

-Wow! Then he robs Kessel point-blank. Price looks ready.

-Two kids behind the Habs bench have a sign reading "Nobody likes the Habs." That's right kid. Nobody likes them. They LOVE them!!

-Six hundred wins for Martin. Why am I not more excited?

-Bring on the Bs.

Notes on the second:

-Pyatt might have hands of cement on offence, but he can move the puck really well in his own zone. If he were bigger, he'd be a great stay-at-home defenceman.

-Habs are looking scramblier than eggs.

-Weber should have had a penalty shot.

-Nice to see White throw Phaneuf into the bench. Love that kid.

-I haven't looked at the stats for faceoffs tongiht, but it seems like the Habs have lost every one.

-Oh no. Hammer's down. Penguin's worried. Me too.

-Cammalleri's trying hard, but his GPS is off.

-Price has the best seat in the house for watching Subban wind up and go.

-The captain's so good in close. One more to get the team a thirty-goal man.

-One more period to bring it home. If they win, they should salute the leafs' fans at centre ice.

Notes on the first:

-Habs don't need to win this game, but they do need a strong effort to launch the playoff drive.

-White! All he needs is the fight and the assist.

-Spoke too soon. Now all he needs is the assist.

-Gorgeous pass from Gomez to set up Gionta. Perhaps he's going to get his head out of his ass for the playoffs.

-Price getting a bit too brave here. Almost gave the leafs a consolation prize.

-It'd be great to see Subban tie the team D scoring record.

-What is this alternative universe? THe HNIC crew effusively praising P.K.

-Softie on Price. Too bad, because the team was giving him a chance for a shutout.

-At least the Habs look like they care tonight. Another couple of goals would be nice.

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dusty said...

My only question after this game is can JM afford to play Benny in the playoffs? The poor guy has zero confidence and can't seem to move his feet. He's always coasting and reaching. The Habs need his size and skill but it's just not there.