Monday, October 24, 2011

And the Suck Rolls On - Panthers vs. Habs

That was a beautiful point shot by Diaz. See what happens when there are two real Ds on the PP? Hope Penguin was taking notes on that.

Hal Gill can go from 0-2 in 60 seconds flat.

Desharnais between Pacioretty and Cole is like a shrimp salad sandwich.

NASA can rest easy about cancelling the shuttle program. They can always send stuff to the International Space Station on a Budaj rebound.

Cammalleri talks a lot about not being small if you come out with the puck. I guess he's small then.

Shockingly, Darche is unable to make use of his silken hands to convert on the PP. Martin can't believe it.

Martin's like a line in Dryden's "The Game." Shutt to Jarvis in yet another gray-toned suit: "I didn't know drab came in so many colours."

Quick! Get the duct tape! Peter Budaj has sprung a leak!

The Habs in their own end look like they're fighting a strong cross wind.

PP goal now goes to Erik Cole. So, Penguin. Cole had only 3 PP goals in Carolina last year, but one on his first real PP chance in Montreal. Hope that's in the notebook.

Skille on against Skillsy.

Someone should tell the Habs they don't get extra points for making nineteen passes before they take a shot.

Budaj makes a great stop on the PK. Goalie controversy!

So far Budaj is holding the fort, but he's got to be the scariest Habs goalie since Aebischer.

Gill has his place, but he moves like an elephant dances and he's minus-two tonight.

One guy who's working his ass off for little reward: Andrei Kostitsyn.
Martin sees his job flashing before his eyes.

It always amazes me when Martin thinks a team that can't score on the PP will miraculously pump out a goal with the goalie out.

I wonder how long before the Occupy the Bell Centre movement either demands mass refunds or razes the place to the ground?


DV8 2XL said...

It's time Molson pikes Martin's and Gauthier's heads at the front entrance to the building.

dusty said...

Funny stuff! Buday rebounds are indeed like space shots. Scary.

I heard the Fla play-by-play guy say that JM didn't look at Buday when he raised his stick wanting to know when to come out for the extra skater. He said that the assistant coach had to do it. If that is the case maybe JM will get the boot. Of course this is the same guy who said Maurice Richard was signing a sweater in the crowd for a fan so maybe he can't be trusted. He went on to say that he had the goal scoring trophy named after him, so he didn't just misspeak Henri's name, he really thought it was the Rocket. And Bill Lindsay, a former Hab didn't seem to notice. What a shame when morons like that get rewarded with a win for their team not to mention that they have the job in the first place.

As if seeing the Habs lose yet again while making another goalie look like the second coming of Terry Sawchuck, I noticed that Pacioretty didn't play in the third. If he is hurt then the season is officially over and discussion of the draft can begin tonight.

Watched some of the Flyer game and they don't seem as scary as they were with Carter and Richards. They look like a one line team. That line by the way scored all 4 goals against the leafs so they aren't push overs but maybe, just maybe, the Habs can win on Wednesday, get some confidence and save their season. I hope so.

Anonymous said...

8 and a half years of blundering by Gainey and Gauthier. Molson - END these 2 self-obsessed GMs reign in Montreal now! It is the only way to save this season and for that matter the future of this team on the ice.

Fire Gainey and Dauthier and Gauthier's Ottawa coach Martin. The 3 are old enough to be grandfathers of these players today. No way players on this team respect a coach who as head coach in NHL in most years since 1985 or 25 years - he NEVER ONCE TOOK A TEAM TO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS. Same for GM Gauthier who in close to 30 years as asst GM or GM in NHL NEVER ONCE TOOK A TEAM AS FAR AS PLAYING IN THE STANLEY CUP FINALS.

THEN on top of it see guys like grabovski, latendresses, ribeiro, ryder, dagostini, etc, etc all do MUCHO BETTER once out of gainey and gauthirrs clutches!


Raj said...

Leigh Anne:

Loved this: "Hal Gill can go from 0-2 in 60 seconds flat." Hahaha, you have such a way with words.

The suckitude is pretty terrible. I just hope we don't do anything rash -- don't want to repeat 1995 all over again.

Steve said...

Maybe TiTs has been told, up your trade value and we will trade you.

Anonymous said...


kostitsyn would probably score 40 goals his first season if traded out of here.