Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bruins Drink Habs Bathwater

The organ in the Bell Centre is a treat. That's a fan's addition, so thanks to Geoff Molson.

Okay, sometimes Subban just spins for the hell of it.

Gill handles the puck like a live grenade, but a lucky post keeps Peverley off the board.

Is Martin supposed to be The Count or The Penguin for Halloween?

Cole's driving the net like a transport truck.

I swear to God if Darche starts this PP, I'm getting a Jacques Martin voodoo doll and a box of straight pins.

Okay. There's irony for you. Plekanec with the point-shot goal, with Darche screening Rask.

If you're going to score your first of the season, launching the puck hard enough to leave a vapour trail is a good way to do it.

Is it my imagination, or are the Habs winning more puck battles then they used to?

Great stop on Kelly. Price's game is tighter than a sphincter tonight.

Funny how the Bruins harass Subban in Boston to please their cretinous fans, but never go near him in Montreal.

Desharnais is smoother than a wax job and quicker than a lecher's hands.

Liking how animated Cunneyworth is behind the bench after the Eller gaffe. Somebody on that staff needs to have a pulse.

Glad to see the refs calling them like they see them, instead of trying to even things out with BS makeup calls.

5-on-3. Let's hope Gill's ten-foot stick has come to play.

Habs leading scorer Moen seems to have cooled off.

One thing I like about this year's Habs is that they jump on turnovers like sharks on blood.

Martin's Halloween costume might be uncertain, but Julien's Mr.Potato Head outfit is perfect. Cool of him to dress up for the weekend.

Okay...offically wicked: The organist is playing the '80s Habs anthem, "Bleu, Blanc, Rouge."

Pleks with the empty-netter to seal it. Anyone think he's got a bit of a grudge against these guys?


Anonymous said...

It was so sweet watching Julien's expressions after each penalty-now he knows what the rest of us felt like last year when they got enough calls( or especially-non calls) to win the cup ..............

Anonymous said...

Is it true that they use Shawn Thornton's face during criminology classes as the perfect example of what a psychopath looks like ?

Is the Serbian Chicken related to the Huntchback of Natre Dame ?

Pisano said...

Rumour has it that the Bruins are starting a petition to get 'hockey-dad' reinstated so they can revert to neanderthal-hockey being considered 'hockey plays'.

Big win tonight in many ways but mostly for the ego...not so much for the players as for the fans. All along we knew they could...yeah right!

Cole is a dominant force.

Both Eller and Desharnais are removing any doubt that maybe lingering that Gomez is a non-entity.

Pacioretty looks like he is playing hurt. This upcoming break between games should help him.

Price: les Canadiens M.V.P.

Moen was a mitigating factor tonight. He is playing the best hockey since joining les Canadiens. A bit of size and grit on the fourth line, along with some bigger bodies has made a huge difference.

Plekanec: best 2-way center since Carbonneau? Methinks...

moeman said...



dusty said...

Bruins are cheap and dirty and I would add not that good. Without Chara eating up 30 minutes a game the Bruins defense is not great. Their fourth line is good and their top line can cycle but they don't finish very well. Welcome to bubble town.

Spacek is playing so well. Under 15 minutes and playing his side on the third pairing is just what the doctor ordered. I just wish Emelin could play.

When Moen has guys with size on his line he is very effective. Maybe this will be his year. He was very good with the Ducks. Loved the way he stood up against Thornton.

Price, Cole and Eller look really good and Max is a warrior. It can't be easy playing with a wrist injury.

Everyone is pulling his weight so clearly the players don't have a problem with JM. Except for a few games where they seemed confused, the effort has been there. I guess its just the fans, me included, who want him replaced. Maybe next year.

Steve said...

Was the Cancer Gomez or Pearn? I say good riddance to both of them, with one caveat. Depth never hurts, and Gomez will be useful in the playoffs, he can still cruise through the fourth lines like a god.

dusty said...

Ottawa scores a goal and immediately Thornton starts a fight to fire up the crowd. Easier than trying to score a goal for yourself, right?

Ottawa retakes the lead after Boston gets their goal and Campbell tries to start a fight of his own. Fortunately the linesman steps in.

I switched to another game. The Bruins are just too pathetic to watch.