Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bruins Are Still Cheap and Dirty

Not a great time to punch Krejci in the face, P.K. I'm not saying don't punch him in the face, but pick a better spot.

If Travis Moen had a bouquet for every fabulous chance he's blown, he could have decorated Westminster for the Royal Wedding.

Subban's getting the puck off his stick so quickly tonight the Bs fans hardly have time to get a good boo going.

Spacek and Weber are harmonious a pair as Ike and Tina...the later years.

Dumb penalty by Nokelainen. Fourth liners should be seen and not heard.

Terrible goal against for Price. That casual stance thing he's been doing this year really burned him there.

Anybody missing Scott Gomez lately? Me neither.

The Habs are more susceptible to an aggressive forecheck than a teenaged boy is to Megan Fox in a bikini.

At this point, using Darche on the PP instead of Kostitsyn is plain negligence.

Erik Cole tips better than Deep Throat to Woodward and Bernstein.

Price is so into this game. Loved the fist pump after stoning Peverley.

Subban's got to be smarter. He let Marchand taunt him into leaving his team with five D for nine minutes.

If the Habs are in contention for the Jennings this year, does Diaz get a share?

If I don't stroke out during a Habs/Bruins game, it's never gonna happen.

Watching Erik Cole try to clear his zone is like watching a three-legged dog try to run.

The always-classy Claude Julien is now sending Scott Thornton out to run Subban.

Tomas Plekanec is made of two parts steel wool and one part hockey juice.

Watching Hal Gill rush back to cover in his own end is like watching the Queen Mary heading out to sea.

Great shot of Cam Neely in the pressbox, watching the Bs get stymied by yet another Habs goalie.

Star light, star bright, Carey got his wish tonight.


Anonymous said...

After the beat down in Boston last year-I have lost all respect for Clawed Julien.He is pure bush league.He said he was happy to see Max healthy after the tragic accident ?? If its a sin to hate then I'm going to hell because of the Bruins !!!!!

Paul B. said...

"Bruins Are Still Cheap and Dirty"

I wonder why you're so nice to them ?

Steve said...

Great review and wonderful analogies.

Anonymous said...

All is happy bluebird fluttering and singing in HabsWorld:-)

Shame Pleks can't use that faceoff move on Thomas instead of Price, still I suspect Bergeron and Marchand aren't laughing about it now.

Seeing as how the BBB (Bell Boo Birds) started the craze of booing exceptional players or plays does the Big Bagged Bruins wannabes booing of Subban elevate his status in the league to exceptional?

One assistant coach gone and two victories after 1-7 start? How many suits in the Habs organization exactly?

Watch Marchand spear Subban from behind as the play moves up ice on Saturday. First chance he gets the refs aren't looking he will try and take PK out of the game, likely a knee. Other than that he'll stay wide of PK. Just a hunch.

dusty said...

Perry Pearn gets fired one hour before the Philly game and the Habs reel off two straight wins. None of the systems can change in one hour. What's up with that?

Pisano said...

The Bruins are very reminiscent of the old Broadstreet Bullies, with the officials in comatose-state as they watch 'Bruin hockey'. Simply because a team does it all the time does not make it legal, legitimate or entertaining.

Watching as our players are run with reckless abandon, wondering who is going to be the next player injured by an illegal hit, is unnerving, to say the least. Not if, but when this does occur, we can expect the usual media-savvy excuses and apologies. Goon-coach Julien never misses an opportunity to comment on the 'accidental hit' by Chara. Every time I hear it I wonder if it is the assault that we witnessed?

Hopefully we can escape the game on Saturday relatively unscathed, with another victory as a bonus. I maybe dreaming in technicolour but the NHL will one day tire of the neanderthal-mentality and revert to hockey...