Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Flames vs. Habs - Burning Down the Bell Edition

Notes on the third:

-Just caught the Minny/TO highlights. Seems yet another Koivu brother is doomed to spend his glory years struggling in mediocrity. I think the Koivu family motto must be "In Difficultas Fortis"

-The puck on the Habs' sticks looks like it's made of soap.

-I guess the good part about this game is that at least the Habs won't catch swine flu from the Flames, with all the queue-jumping for vaccine and all.

-It's not a good sign when the guy who's playing in his 29th career NHL game at age 30 is better than Bergeron.

-It's impossible to renegotiate the amount of money a player makes, but I think Gomez should at least have to pay the Bell Centre zamboni drivers and the usherettes to justify his salary.

-I hate to admit it, but it might be time to bring the prodigal back to the fold. At least Sergei can score once in a while.

-I actually pity Cammalleri. I think he bought into all the "Habs mystique" BS. Now he's starting to realize he's going to be the only goalscorer on a really bad team for a long time.

-Halak played well. Start him next game.

Notes on the second:

-M.O. of this team: Come out like a house afire, fail to score, gradually get pushed back into their own zone, fail to score, get frustrated. Sigh.

-Leach was playing the role of "Man who pointlessly ices the puck" in that act.

-White apparently has a death-wish. After the shit-knocking he got in the first, he goes after Phaneuf? I know it sucks in Montreal right now, kid, but that's not the way to escape.

-Tonight's drinking game: Whenever someone on RDS says "ay-yi-yi" drink the whole damn thing in the hope it'll numb the pain.

-Boy, I forgot how often I typically yell "Get up Jaro!" when Halak's playing.

-Can the Habs sign the little plastic table hockey guys in that RDS commercial? THOSE guys can complete a forward pass.

-Plekanec went flying like a paper airplane on that Phaneuf hit.

-Gomez: The More Expensive Chris Higgins.

-Cammalleri shouting at Phaneuf: "Did you have a nice birthday, man? Yeah? Great! What are you doing after the game? Have we made this look convincing yet?"

-Well, the D's playing okay and Halak is doing his job. Now, my kingdom for a goal!

Notes on the first:

-Ugh. Lapierre on Plekanec's wing again. Can we just admit the Affirmative Action Twins don't belong on the second line?

-You've seen him give the puck away in the slot in every game. He's the master of the suicide cross-ice pass and his massive point blast is just as likely to get blocked as hit the target. To cast your vote for Marc-Andre Bergeron for the title of Worst Defenceman in the World, call or text 1-800-YOU-SUCK and select #47

-Fashion Don't: Plekanec with the navy blue turtleneck and the green uni. The throwbacks themselves aren't that bad, though.

-Is it bad that I couldn't remember Leach's first name halfway through the period? This is the Year of the Revolving Defenceman.

-I think Kostitsyn's problem is he has trouble receiving passes. I saw him twice in that period miss a pass that should have been on his tape on the rush and mess up the whole breakout for his line.

-If I were Gainey and "tank" were a commodity, I'd be calling my broker sometime around Christmas, I think. This team needs one of those guys you pick in June and he's playing on your top line in November.

-The crappy penalties aren't helping, guys. Just sayin'.

-I like Tom Pyatt. But, he alone will not save this team.


Jay in PA said...

Here's my thought: The throwback unis cause the players to get confused as to which team they're on. That's why the passing isn't crisp and the team is a step behind.

StephD said...

You are all kinds of doom and gloom lately!
The reason we lost last night wasn't because of our players, it was because I brought a friend to the game, who let me know only AFTER the final siren, that every time he goes to a game, the Habs get shut-out!
His game-attendance privileges have permanently been revoked.

Le fan du CH said...


Hope all of us french people are not compared to Houde and Ben Brunet when commenting a hockey game!!! They suck big time.

I'm really looking forward on listening to a hockey game with good analyst and commentator. How many times are you seeing clearly a penalty or anything else going on the ice that these guys( who have a great view direct in the Bell center) dont see and star saying non sense?

If you want a good coverage of a hockey game in french, shut down the volume on the TV and put CKAC Martin Mcguire instead....there you go, a good commentator of the game not only the yi-yi yaya of Houde...

Or watch any Sabres games and listen to the guy when there is a goal or a great save by Miller...

Our french analyst are as poor as Timmins draft in the past years.