Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bruins vs. Habs - Keep It Going Edition

Notes on the third:

-Gomez' passing is like the little girl with the curl...when it's good, it's very, very good. When it's bad, it's horrid.

-Halak's passing is as scary as a knock on the car window when you're making out.

-O'Byrne laid a beastly hit on Paille. He looks like he's finally found some consistency.

-I think Ben Maxwell is never going to score his first NHL goal. Too bad he can't play AGAINST the Habs for a couple of games.

-Didn't Spacek used to be able to hit the net?

-Man, it's one thing to lose, but I really hate it when they get shut out. Double hate it when it's the Bs, with their hot young goalie they got in a steal of a trade from the stupid leafs. Triple hate it when it's allowing the Bs to break their wretched losing streak. What a waste of an afternoon.

-Maxim Lapierre is a sucky, sucky hockey player this year. He's a big part of the problem in the bottom six. You just can't carry a guy who doesn't do anything at all for 10-15 minutes a game.

-Gorges must have the most own-goals on the team. I hate when he just pokes the stick out like that instead of blocking the shot properly. Block it, or let it go, Josh!

-Most of the Habs gave up after the third Bruins goal. Halak didn't. But I expect Price will start against the Caps anyway.

-I guess the Habs used up too much of their weekly goal total yesterday.

-And the highs and lows of cheering for a bubble team continue.

Notes on the second:

-The Habs look like they're already thinking ahead to tonight's Super Bowl party.

-Ouch. Gionta got flipped like a pancake.

-Whatever happened to splitting the defence? Don't players do that anymore, or do they all just peel off to the boards?

-Oh, Pleky. Why can't you score on a breakaway anymore?

-Well, the Habs looked alive in that period. Alive, but not necessarily good.

-I hate Lucic. Caveman.

-Martin has stopped playing the rookies. Damn you, Jacques!

-Rask is sharp as a cranky old woman's tongue. The third will require some serious aggression if the Habs are to avoid the shutout.

Notes on the first:

-I love how the little flag kids keep craning their necks to see down the hallway where the Habs are standing.

-Why can Carbo not refer to the Habs as anything but "Montreal Canadien?"

-Gill should only pinch if he's in the corner with Lucic.

-The Fabulous Fifties line doesn't look as aggressive today. Martin's ruining them already.

-O'Byrne shouldn't have gotten five for that "fight." That was worth two at the most. Three if you count the good laugh we got at Wheeler's expense.

-Zone clearances are too much like a pinball game today.

-Habs lead the league in first NHL goals given up.

-Markov is not playing great D.

-Yesterday red sweaters were on every loose puck first. Today they're showing up late every time.

-Bloody hell! Damn goals with seconds to go. Nothing is more deflating than that!

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Anonymous said...

Where is the teams that beat the Pens?
Back to sucking again.....