Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Caps vs. Habs - Capital Punishment Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-You know what Markov's not good at? Clearing his man out of the crease. It's his one big weakness.

-I absolutely hate the way Gionta dangles his mouthpiece out the side of his lips on every stoppage in play. That's just ugly.

-Sergei Kostitsyn is a natural phenomenon of passing. He's like the northen lights of passers.

-Pyatt has earned his time tonight. If Gomez and Pyatt get the Habs into the playoffs and the Rangers miss, does that mean Gainey won that trade?

-If the linesmen block the play, I think players should be able to hit the linesmen.

-When's the last time Markov scored a goal? I don't remember.

-Gill on the PP. That says it all.

-A three-goal lead and you knew it wasn't safe against these guys. Brooks Laich with a hat trick. If they can't find any other way to kill you...

-Streak broken! Plekanec MUST be signed.

Notes on the second:

-That injury to Gorges was the hockey gods answering the question, "Is THIS the year." The answer is an emphatic NO.

-McGuire's looking for a job with the amount of tongue he's verbally slipping Gauthier.

-Ovechkin is the kind of guy who'll make 123-million and go without a tooth. But when he finally buys one, it'll probably be a gold one. Right in the middle of his face.

-Desharnais with his first NHL point. I love that kid.

-Price's glove shot out of the crowd like something McGuire would say, to stop that puck.

-Speaking of which, McGuire's Homoerotic Comment of the Period: "Ovechkin is like a volcanic eruption in the slot."

-Sergei Kostitsyn can pass a birch log through the eye of a needle.

-Markov to Ovechkin: "Stop hitting me, if you want to win a gold medal you idiot."

-Amazing period. I don't get this team.

Notes on the first:

-Price couldn't be more of a sacrificial lamb if he was wearing a sheepskin jersey. No goalie controversy tonight because either of them would be shorn bald.

-Miller and McGuire are one-up, one-down on TSN. Guess who goes down?

-Eerily reminiscent of the Pens game with that first goal. They got a couple of lucky bounces to keep the puck in, but we'll take it.

-Now I know why they don't put refs' names on their sweaters. They don't want the crowd to know who they are.

-Damn it, Rhino! You don't flip it out like that against the Caps. Bloody Fleischmann line. Has there been a game yet when that guy doesn't burn the Habs?

-McGuire Homoerotic Comment of the Period: "A little pitch and catch and they all jump in." Runner up: "These guys just have fun playing with one another."

-McGuire comment that made me want to turn to RDS: "Quick strike potential."

-D'Agostini is playing a three-game stint with his career on the line, and he looks like he cares.

-Maxwell, on the other hand, only appears on TV when he's headed to the box. He looks tired. Apparently, he can only sleep on long bus rides.

-TSN pointing out dumping players at the deadline for first-rounders has worked out very well for the Caps. Words to remember.

-Hammer on the bench panting like a porn star.

-Horrible injury for Gorges. Absolutely sickening. After that, the outcome of the game seems secondary.


Anonymous said...

I don't get this team either-just when you think they will suck-they play like they want to win !!
Hope Josh is ok-he is a monster this year.......

Paul B. said...

A seminar of the world's most renowned shrinks couldn't "get" this team.

Dags looks like he cares. I hadn't even noticed he was dressed...

DB said...

Who was that on the bench wearing the Martin mask? Must have been Boucher cause there is no other explanation for the Habs playing an aggressive forecheck game.

Raphaƫl P. said...

titine & Pyatt were awesome!

Great game. Flashes of brilliance from an otherwise dull team.

Unknown said...

@ DB, good recognition on the aggressive forecheck. But maybe it was the Capital's style of breakout that made it easy? I don't know.

As for the hitting the linesmen if they're in the way, I COMPLETELY agree. Not just for the habs sake, but i've seen them disrupt many offense for every team! You're in the way, you will pay. Same goes for netminders. You're out of your crease, ready will be... greased??

Anyway, my point should be clear. :)

GK said...

Josh first: I hope he's okay. That's going to hurt even more tomorrow and the day after when the shock wears off.

That injury nothwithstanding, this is the kind of game I wait all season to see. I had more adrenalin in me tonight than Evel Knievel did as he clipped the 17th bus and missed the down ramp.

Bruce Boudreau looks even more puffy, pasty, and edematous than Claude Julien -- get off the carbs before they kill you, boys...

Unknown said...

J.T., the "McGuire Homoerotic Comment of the Period" were almost enough to keep me from reading your comments. I don't understand why, or how, TSN keeps this guy on television.

I also think that teams should be allowed to hand out "too many refs on the ice" penalties. But that's just a thought.

pfhabs said...

Mr Gainey doesn't win the NYR trade. why ?

1. too much money for a 2nd line centre
2. too big a cap hit for production
3. perhaps you should look into Pyatt (good 3rd liner) vs McDonagh (top 3 D man to come)
4. Higgins will come around in Calgary as a good 3rd liner
5. yet to discuss Valentenko
6. Gomez cap hit affects other player acquisitions, resignings and simplying not a dominant enough player to accept that consequence because of his contract. if you acquired a true #1 or a major asset like Kovalchuk and their contract presented those same issues you'd look the other way because of their impact that Gomez will never have
7. just getting into the playoffs, my my how the bar has been lowered

-bad trade accept it and move on or continue to justify it no matter the facts of the scenario

-post if you like or not :)