Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flyers vs. Habs - Rematch Edition

Notes on the second:

-Somebody needs to poke Plekanec and let him know there's actually a period to go before his flight to Vancouver.

-Moen and Gill on the ice at the same time is like a competition to see who's got the harder hands.

-Halak on breakaways...not pretty. Hamrlik with the giveaway...horribly ugly.

-For the anonymous poster with Price-blindness, yeah, the D was awful in the first. Price gets criticized when he gives up five-hole floaters from the blueline with nobody around him. So does Halak, but he doesn't usually give those up.

-Honestly? The injuries this year have been so damaging to this team I think ill-health will be the reason for their missing the playoffs. The Goat needs to consider moving a D at the deadline for a pick or prospect and keeping Subban up. This team isn't a buyer.

-The difference between these two teams is the Flyers have fewer players who do absolutely nothing. The Habs have at least five of them in the lineup.

-I hate Briere so, so much. The way you hate a fly in your beer that you only discover when you're down to the last sip.

-I'm watching the Olympics for the rest of the night. Maybe the Habs will come back. Maybe they won't. But I'm burnt out watching them.

Notes on the first:

-And the Habs think THEY have it bad in Montreal? On the Olympic coverage today, they said the Polish ski jumper is so worshipped in his country that they have his house on a bus tour route for tourists.

-Ha! Subban can't stop laughing when the pre-game dressing room camera focusses on him.

-Carbo thinks Markov should be captain, and he should be named now. Can't really argue.

-Gionta and Desharnais must be the smallest one-two punch in the league. In fact, they probably need a stool to punch anybody in the first place.

-O'Byrne is bold, but needs to just start pounding away instead of waiting for the other guy to slug him first.

-I hate it when ex-Habs own their old team. Leighton was a Hab for five minutes, now they can't beat him.

-It didn't take the Flyers long to figure out they can guarantee a turnover by putting two guys on Gill. That first goal is on him. I wish he could be benched.

-I don't think I've seen D'Agostini successfully receive a pass on the rush all year. This kid won't be a Hab much longer.

-Remember when Moen used to have goals bounce off his ass into the net? That was nice. Sigh.

-Funny how the refs always notice when the Habs break a rule. Must be that they're more conspicuous with the red sweaters.

-O'Byrne's playing like crap. So's Hamrlik. Neither of them is moving anybody away from the crease.

-This is the playoffs two years ago all over again. Down in every game and their grunts grunting harder and louder than our grunts.

-I want to shave Hartnell's head. With an axe.

-I'm really sick of injuries. With Markov out, Spacek and Gorges have to play even though they're not nearly a hundred percent either.

-That was the worst delayed penalty play I've ever seen. Hal Gill is just hurting my brain.

-Subban's awesome. If only they had anybody else to play with him.

-I hate Jacques Martin. Really hate him.


Anonymous said...

What, no comments about Jaro's rebounds? Tisk tisk. Tonight everything is about the D, right?

Anonymous said...

Lol. I'm actually a Halakoholic who can objectively point out the weakness of his goalie of preference. I am also able to objectively point out that the Habs' D is the problem regardless of which goalie is between the pipes. I don't suffer from any type of blindness, but you seem to suffer from selective vision. Three goals on nine shots off three rebounds and not even a mention. Price's body language-lol-was worthy of your attention yesterday. I am flattered about the mention in your post though. Thanks!

DKerr said...


I could only hear last nights game, but I am seeing this one. If we had our back-up in last night, what do we have in tonight? The shorty would have been a nice time for the BIG stop. The last one of the second was just the finishing touch. Bottom line though, it really doesn't matter which goalie we have, there are serious compete issues on the other 18 skaters in red. At least the Gomez line has been consistently good tonight - where were they last night? Oh well, in two weeks we may have some guys back who can fill out the lines and put guys where they should be.

Patrick said...

I need a bucket to throw up. And a bottle of Jack to drink this unfun shapeless game into oblivion.

Oh, and something to forget about Spacek.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with CBC comments tonight-Martin makes some really bad moves as a coach. What did Gainey see in him-I have always hated him and still do. Even Carbo noticed that O'Byrne only got 10 minutes of ice time-was he being punished at the expense of the win ????
This bad taste now won't go away until March ....thanks for nothing boys !!!!
Sucks to be us (Habs fans) !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope that management( and I use that term loosely )will finaly see that this Habs team as is, will never compete for the cup. As we all saw tonight and last night, this team is just to small, not near tough enough. The Habs need a couple of big tough players on the 3rd and 4th lines.
JM is a joke as a coach, he has no system to speak of or if he does it isn`t working which is just as bad.
The only bright spot I see looking ahead is that we have PK and he`s going to be a good one. Too bad the young man got drafted by the worst management team in the NHL. I hope they don`t ruin him.

hab said...

Carey carey!!! Jaro reminds me of jose-a bunch of good games, and then natural talent!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe too much pressure to put on the Suban . But if he was even (+-)the night before and even last night and you know what you have with him( someone who is fleet of foot) , why not pair him with Gill?

My assessment is that the D has not been coached properly- very week in the zone and have been all year. And the team loses battles in the O zone and can't get a more balanced sustainment of pressure over 60 minutes.

Anonymous said...

ugly. just ugly.
I can't figure this team out anymore.

and yeah, Halak was awful last night. Bleh!

dusty said...

The Flyers won the game in the first 4 seconds. Laperriere showed the Habs what was in store for them when he decked the bigger younger O'Byrne with one punch. Martin has no clue. He should have had Moen on the ice to start. I like O'Byrne but he's not an experienced fighter like Laperriere. All the comments about rebounds, big saves etc are irrelevant. The Habs are just too soft to compete at this level and if Gauthier doesn't do something about it during the summer we can look forward to many more seasons like this one.