Thursday, February 4, 2010

Habs vs. Bruins - Who Sucks Less Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-Little Bs fan girl in the crowd jumping up and down while her Bs fan dad sits there mentally telling her to "Sit down! You don't know the Habs!"

-I find myself really rooting for Maxwell to do well.

-It's kind of weird, but I really haven't noticed Chara. It's like not noticing the Eiffel Tower in downtown Paris.

-I hope Wheeler has a nice time in London when he's there to represent the US Olympic diving team. Can't believe the refs fell for that one.

-Amazing how pucks keep hitting Halak like that. He's so lucky!

-Habs forecheck slides out of the O-zone easier than crap out of a guy on castor oil.

-Hey! Lucic and Maxwell are acting out the eternal Habs fan argument: Who should have been drafted first in that round?

-Martin picked all the wrong shootout guys. Pleks NEVER scores in SO. Another reason why he's a sucky coach. At least Gio pulled it off.

-It's a good thing that the 7000th point in Habs history wasn't a loser point!

-Halak! Halak! Halak!

Notes on the second:

-You know you have D problems when the team with the fewest number of goals scored in the league walks around your blueliners like they're the actual blueline.

-Sure way to kill the pain: drink every time Houde exclaims ay-yi-yi! Pour another if it goes all the way to ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!

-If these men do not line up to kiss Jaroslav Halak's Slovakian ass, they are not men.

-It seems I could change my sex more easily than the Habs can change a line.

-There's shorthanded, then there's no-handed. So far, the Habs appear to be the latter.

-Two quickies and they're back on even ground. Sounds like a bad marriage to me.

-Jaro's going to be full value for this if they can pull it off.

Notes on the first:

-There are an awful lot of empty baby-poop yellow seats there tonight.

-I think Sergei Kostitsyn's passing rivals Gomez's.

-I hate it when a former Hab who's having a complete crap season suddenly puts on the moves because he's playing Montreal. Sit down and shut up, Ryder.

-This feels like two teams hoping for a three-pointer.

-Spacek saved more bacon in that period than PETA.

-That friggin' DOG penalty! Please, someone take that out of hockey before it leads to a playoff-deciding power play.

-Can Mark Recchi just retire already? I think the guy burns the Habs every time they play.

-Habs in the corners look like dogs digging holes...all paws.

-Well, it looks like the Bruins are more desperate to save their season than the Habs are. I'll grant getting outshot 15-5 has something to do with the three PPs Boston had, but come on, Habs. Your year's on the line too!


Paul B. said...

Did you notice who was directly in front of Rask for both goals ? He didn't get any assists ( I think) but Darche is more than doing the job. I'm also very happy with his forechecking.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what you find so offensive in''ay-yi-yi-yi-yi'. I don't find the expression particularly appealing but there are a lot of things that bothers me more. Like every time Benoit Brunet speaks.

Anonymous said...

If JM says he has not decided who is the starter next game. Well, I just don't know.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the "ay-yi-yi-yi" really comes courtesy of Benoit Brunet, not to mention the ubiquitous "Wow!" And now, Pierre Houde, one of the best play by play commentators in any language is starting to slip these little colloquialisms into his work--nooooooooooooooooo!!! RDS still hasn't figured out that they never should have let Yvan Pedneault go....Great game, Jaro.

Rookie said...

@Paul: I hadn't noticed until RDS said "Look! French guy! omgomgomg!" but I'm glad that Darche is actually capable of giving fans something positive to talk about.

More annoying than "ay-yi-yi"? The Bruins' voice man shrieking "Woo!" after announcing points for every goal.

Habs Laughs said...

ay yiyi drinking game came to mind here as well...good stuff man