Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Canucks vs. Habs - Helplessly Hoping Edition

Notes on the third:

-Hal Gill's stride is best described as "lumbering." As in, you could saw enough wood to build a shed by the time he makes it the length of the ice.

-Please, please, please re-sign Plekanec before the deadline. Please, Bob.

-Boy, this team is good four-on-four. If only all the games were played in OT.

-Why do their guys bleed more easily than ours? Pussies.

-Despite his assist, Darche looked like a hardworking AHLer tonight.

-I guess it's appropriate that in Februray Sergei Kostitsyn has started skating like Eros, the winged god of love. Please, Eros, don't let him be hurt too, just when he's played his best game in a year and a half.

-Halak was full value for that one. What a game!

Notes on the second:

-Seems as though RDS' Bouchard is laying off the Grecian Formula lately. Hey Bouchard! Two minutes for looking so greasy.

-How is it that zone clearances are so much smoother tonight than they have been lately? It breaks my heart that this undermanned team can deliver an effort like it is tonight. I can't help thinking what if they'd only had a real lineup this year?

-Halak is really good with the puck at his feet.

-Lapierre's not only remembered he has an ass, he's remembered how to use it to protect the puck. At least he's not falling on it or dragging it behind him tonight.

-The delay-of-game penalty for shooting the puck out is the absolute stupidest rule in hockey. That this came in under Bettman's rule is reason enough to hate his little Napoleonic guts.

-The PK is just pounding along like a steam engine. Now, if only the PP could get a chance.

-I'm not sure about Maxwell and Gomez on the same line. They both make more passes than a dirty-old-man convention.

-The Canucks look like they were enjoying the Montreal nightlife yesterday. I hope they don't recover from the hangover in the third.

Notes on the first:

-I wonder if Martin chooses his goalie these days using the same criteria the Romans used in choosing a Christian for the ring?

-Sedin is a great player. But, isn't it a little bit of overkill to have two of them? Here's my brother Sedin and my other brother Sedin.

-Sergei Kostitsyn has remembered how to shoot! And what a shot it is.

-The Canucks goal was Price-less.

-With Cammalleri out, this is the time you need your seven-million-dollar man to really step up and take charge. Gomez? Hello? Mr.Gomez?

-Lapierre is trying, bless his little cotton socks.

-Jaro at the bottom of the pile: "I'm not dead! I feel happy!"

-Really liking the Markov/O'Byrne pair. Watching O'Byrne in the last few games, there's a British voice in my head going "By George, I think he's got it!"

-Good on Maxwell for his first NHL point. I hope there are many more to follow.

-This Habs are playing like a team that gave up on the playoffs when Cammy went down. Now, with no pressure on themselves, they're playing a million times better.

-What do you know? They've got the lead on two even-strength goals. Miracles DO happen.

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Paul B. said...

If Darche looked like an AHLer, how did Moen, Gill, Metropolit and Dagostini looked ? EastLeaguer ? Trèssoft Moen is a very big disappointment to me. They sold us on his toughness. Excuse me for living but I was expecting a lot more than what he has given us and I don't mean his offensive contribution.