Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oilers vs. Habs - Don't Get Caught Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-Closeup of Pleks on the bench shows a fire in the eyes we don't get to see from a distance.

-Markov embellished like a calligraphy artist on that penalty call.

-That was the most poorly-played 5-on-3 in the history of the universe.

-Does Gomez ever score on a breakaway that's not in the shootout?

-This is what happens when you give a team that's lost its confidence a chance to compete with you.

-Just when you think Sergei Kostitsyn's never going to be a big point producer, he does THAT and you go back to hoping.

-The fourth Oilers goal was the worst goal Halak has allowed all year. Brutal. Deflected or not, it was brutal.

-There's an awful lot of standing around on the Habs' part. Martin needs to inform them there's no bus stop handy.

-On the OT PPs, the only thing they proved was that they can pass the puck too often really quickly. Why does nobody on this team ever shoot the bloody puck?

-Halak on Horcoff was the first in-game breakaway he's stopped in about seven hundred years.

-He saved the game in the end, but Jaro could have made this a LOT easier on us all.

-Way to go, Andrei Kostitsyn with the beautiful SO move. Thank goodness The Game That Wouldn't End didn't drag on any longer.

Notes on the second:

-The Oilers aren't THAT far off being good in the National Parity League. They'll get a great pick this year and add it to some of their really strong prospects. We'll see them improve in two years.

-Gill is getting beaten like an egg by the Oilers' speed. He was on for both goals against and several scary chances already.

-I swear to God I saw Fraser's arm start to go up when a Hab was dumped in the crease, then jerk back down again.

-Gionta slips through the neutral zone like the Bluenose through the Atlantic.

-Two guys in blackface with Subban shirts on in the crowd. That's the crudest thing I've seen at a game in a long while.

-Whenever Martin gets a fresh haircut you really notice he could hang-glide with those ears.

-Moore on the PK: the single greatest bit of penalty-killing I think I've seen since Christmas.

-Habs are getting too fancy with no finish. They're like the high school tease.

-What a difference it makes when the third and fourth lines are contributing. I think the Olympic break was very good for some of these grinders.

-Pat Quinn looks like he's glad his hair is already white.

-With the Bs beating Philly, our guys really need the two points. Hope they remember that in the third.

Notes on the first:

-Plekanec hits 20 for the fourth straight year. Last year wasn't great, but in the goals department, you can't say he's not consistent.

-Ugh. Looks like the defence is looking ahead to Boston. That must be why they're completely blind to the Oilers wide open in front of the net.

-Halak does not look pleased.

-With his hand-eye coordination, Gionta could be a brain surgeon when hockey's over.

-What a play by Andrei Kostitsyn to get the backhander away! He's strong as a Clydesdale, but without the work ethic.

-Very nice two-on-one play by Spacek. Wily vets really come in handy at this time of year.

-It's almost a crime against nature for a guy as big as Gill to be so soft. It's like a beautiful girl with BO or a sleek racecar with a four-cylinder engine.

-Shot of Gauthier and Lowe speaking animatedly in the pressbox: Gauthier: "Aw, come on! Lapierre for Eberle. You guys are getting Taylor Hall anyway." Lowe: "Um, Pierre? I'm not allowed to have power anymore."

-Nice PP. Darche is that rarest of finds: a big guy who actually goes to the net and stays there.

-Would have been nice to come out of that with the lead, but the Habs are obviously the better team if they don't get too cocky.


Paul B. said...

No crudeness there.Those two guys just want to show that they want to see the Subbanator in Montreal, ASAP.

pfhabs said...

perhaps Paul B should have a discussion w the black community about black face and their views as to it's innocence and meaning to them...seems we'll never rid ourselves of the knuckle draggers--boo anthems now wear black face-- the gene pool needs to be culled

as for the game interesting display of defense and goal tending against the worst team in the league. ugliest 2 points of the year and if it's a harbinger of future performances in the playoffs doubt the result will be as kind against WSHDC nor Pitt

jackie said...

one of Halak's worst hockey moments. He gets intimidated with opponents size. Bleh.

Anonymous said...

J.T. you are priceless !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To phfhabs - me thinks your shorts are too tight...

Anonymous said...

Not even close to the "ugliest 2 points of the year". Take a look back at the first two wins against Buf and Tor. Now those were ugly - and I remember a few more in the same vein.

M. ILard

Embarrassed in Montreal said...

I cannot believe that anybody would think it funny or acceptable to go into a public venue in blackface. @Paul B.: if that's how a couple of fans express their desire to see PK Subban in Montreal, I hate to think how they would express their disappointment if he has a bad game or "growing" pains when he gets here. Is that when the white hoods come out? And will that also be acceptable to someone like you?