Thursday, October 7, 2010

Habs vs. leafs: Let's Get It On Edition

Notes on the third:

-Spacek is done. He's old, he's fat and he's slow. When you get beaten cleanly by Clarke MacArthur, it's time to start thinking about that summer home in Prague.

-The plumbers are really earning their pay tonight. Or, as my plumber friend calls them, the drain surgeons.

-I don't understand why there can be so much skill in the lineup, and they can still lose to a team that has nothing. It amazes me. cute! leafs fans are dredging up a Go leafs Go chant. There must be some fans from the '80s there.

-Darche instead of White? I don't think so. Go away, career minor leaguer.

-AHHH...I HATE losing to these idiots. Yuck.

-Price was good, overall.

Notes on the second:

-I like Cherry's latest deliberate misnomer: Plutonic for Plekanec. Pleks can play like he's made of plutonium anytime.

-He didn't score, but Pou-Pou was in the right place, in front of the net. As they say in real estate, location is everything.

-People forget Gill played a pretty mean game of baseball. He can catch like a shortstop sometimes. But the only thing he should pinch is his wife's ass.

-I love Gio...HATE the way he hangs his mouthguard from the corner of his lips all the time. It's like an old guy sucking his dentures at the dinner table.

-Wilson looks as troubled as an undertaker at Spring Break.

-Eller is like the bottom of a river. If you take the time to sift through the rubble, you'll find gold.

-Dear Mr.Markov, Could you please come back? Soon? Sincerely, Habs PP.

-I wonder how many baseball caps Alex Auld owns?

-I'm afraid Plekanec burned up too much fuel leading the NHL in pre-season scoring. Where's that guy tonight?

-Reason enough to send Darche down in favour of White...taking an idiot DOG penalty with his team down by one. Maybe the glass in the AHL is higher.

-It's funny, but the Habs seem to be easily winning all the board battles against all the truculent leafs. Is this Bizzaro NHL?

-You can almost hear the leaf fans silent prayers that this one should end right now.

Notes on the first:

-I'm still reeling from the shock of Cherry's prediction of a leaf win.

-Nice fast start. The boys look like they've got some legs.

-Price's first stop wasn't easy, but he put down his Kleenex and hot toddy long enough to make it. Good for him.

-Crap! O'Byrne and Picard are this year's Dandouillon. I'm going to call them O'Bard, O'Bad for when they really suck.

-Ahh...Price had the Kessel goal and was just sliding too hard backwards. I think his pads are too slippery or something.

-Gorges is already playing his heart out.

-Dustin Boyd!! The kid has hands but got stifled in Calgary.

-Lapierre is going to be good this year. He's got his crazy eyes back.

-Gomez looks like a Midget playing Atoms. In more ways than one.

-Early signs last year hasn't gone away: People taking dumb penalties, communication breakdowns in the D-zone and making the leafs look better than they are.

-Not a great period after a promising start. Habs look like they're content to hang out and just see what happens.

Pre-game notes:

-Watching the big leaf party in Dundas Square on HNIC reminds me that the last time there were that many delusional people in one place, it ended up in a world war.

-Phaneuf with the fauxhawk is trying to travel through time and recreate the last time the leafs made the playoffs.

-Excellent opening ceremony at the ACC. Truculent guys in dresses. The perfect leaf paradox.

-What the hell? Are they having a concert in the hope of distracting Toronto fans from the team?

-Just, please, Price, if you give one up early, let it not be a floater.


Deniz Bevan said...

"hangs his mouthguard from the corner of his lips all the time"
You know who else does that? Lecavalier. Drives me up the wall!
No, I haven't any other insightful comments :-)

Anonymous said...

Enough with the Gionta mouthguard cracks already. Kane does the same thing and so do a bunch of other guys.

As far as the game goes, the Habs weren't great but not too bad. Looks like another bubble year. I'm with you in wondering how come the Habs can't clobber the leafs who don't have any really good players. Komisarek looked awful but somehow Grabowski
looks like Crosby angainst the Habs. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was suspect move when PG signed Darche. Giving him a ONE way contract thus tying his hands with regards to White was just moronic.

moeman said...

Ah, J.T. game updates, life is back to the good.