Saturday, October 30, 2010

Panthers vs.Habs: All Hail the General Edition

Notes on the third:

-Big debate of the third: Should I or should I not get into the Halloween candy?

-They're not beating Vokoun if they skywrite it every time they intend to shoot.

-Blown 5-on-3 probably means the end of the night for the Habs. If they were poultry, you'd shake their legs to see if they're done.

-Eller shaking in the penalty box. Rightly so, kid. The last guy under 30 who took a penalty late in a close game has never seen the ice again.

-It freaks me out to see those Bell ads with overhead shots of the Habs on the boards. It looks like they're lying there like corpses.

-Cammalleri has to work on the vertical hold. He hasn't had good net focus for most of the year. Time to adjust your set, Cammy.

-Booth's so good. How much longer before he asks for a trade to Boston for a middling defenceman?

-Habs are just not in synch. One guy goes to the net, he's alone. The passes are off too. It's like some guys are more tired than others and they can't keep up.

-This is a typical Carey Price game. Lots of great saves, giving his team a chance to win, and no goal support at all.

-I think the trapezoid is hurting young goalies. Price is able to handle the puck, but he gets little chance because of that thing. Then, when he does handle it, it's often rough.

-Another brutal PP. This is a serious problem. Maybe Perry Pearn needs to spend some time in Hamilton.

-I'm guessing nobody's going to dump on Price's rebound control, even after the third Panther goal.

-If I never see another poke check this season, it will be too soon.

-Tired team, tired game. Here's hoping for a better result on Tuesday.

Notes on the second:

-Canadiens are fighting for the puck like sorority sisters over the last margarita...all slapping and poking, with no real physical violence.

-The Darche line is working hard and actually going to the net. Nice to see them rewarded with a goal.

-Moen should never try to pass. His two goals in two games have him thinking he's Mario. Lemieux, not Tremblay.

-This game is offering more evidence that a hard-checking team can still get the best of the Habs.

-Watching Price make that save was enough to give us all groin pulls.

-Spacek on Booth. Penalty shot. Goal. Brutal in every way.

-Kostitsyn is still trying to shake some of his Kovalevian habits.

-If you didn't know they were watching the scoreboard, closeup shots of the bench would make you think there's an alien landing imminent.

-Habs looked a little more interested late in the period.

-5-on-3 to start the third is their big chance. IF you can call the last-overall PP a "chance."

Notes on the first:

-One benefit of the Markov/Subban pairing is Markov can be more adventurous on offence because P.K. can turn on the jets and bail him out if needed.

-Vokoun's such a solid goalie. Imagine if he ever played for a really good team.

-As expected, Markov was not the magic PP elixer so many hoped he'd be. It's still early yet, though, and he needs Dorothy to come by with the oil can.

-Gill handed that rebound to Frolik like a Snickers to a trick-or-treater.

-Every time the Habs get stuck in their own zone, Spacek and Hamrlik are out there. It's like they and the puck are all negatively charged.

-Cammalleri's trying to do way too much on his own.

-Biggest problem with the PP is too much standing still. They need to move much better to get the lanes open and the goalie shifting.

-Pretty bland period. The Habs look gassed and Vokoun sharp. This is going to be close.


Humberto said...

I agree about the PK-Markov pairing, Gill has been a liability as of late, i know in the playoffs its all forgiven but jeez man, PICK IT UP

also Tonights tie that Martin is sporting is pretty decent

Anonymous said...

Brutal give away from Hamrlik on the play that result in Spacek tripping for penalty shot.. that's where that play starts.

But I still think Picard should have been in a spacek out.

Panthers and devils gives always the worst game.