Friday, October 15, 2010

Habs vs.Sabres: Forty Years? Pfft Edition

Notes on the third:

-Question for indigestive debate for the four days off coming up: Was it unseemly for the Habs to celebrate a Buffalo own goal? Discuss.

-Mike Boone at HI/O asks: Would you trade Rivet for Gorges straight up? Answer: I would not trade Gorges with a fish. I would not trade him on a dish. I would not, could not trade him in a car, in a bar, you go too far.

-Playoff Gill is really good. Regular season Gill is a soft-as-a-lullaby liability a LOT.

-I don't know who was supposed to have coverage on the Buffalo goal, but they blew it like a hard nor'easter.

-Uh oh...Ruff's got the white board out on the timeout. Martin, as usual, is making up haikus in his head.

-Hey! Did I just hear Pierre Houde's first "oy-yoi-yoi" of the season? Can I make a wish now?

-Scrum at the end of the game. Gionta: "Really? You wanna go?" Gill: "Left foot back, side, side...come on, feel the rhythm."

-Price played another great game. Keep it going, kid.

-Big two points. Habs need two more tomorrow.

Notes on the second:

-I can't decide whether Eller looks like the adopted Staal or the product of Mikko Koivu and The Traitor's mingled petrie-dish DNA. Whichever, he's going to be a really good NHLer.

-The wretched donkey goal on Miller went to Picard. Ryan O'Byrne is sharpening razor blades in the pressbox.

-One big difference between This Year Price and Last Year Price: He actually seems to know where the hell the puck is when it's at his feet.

-I think Martin should make a deal with the team that he'll burn a tie every time they take a shot instead of pass it in the offensive zone.

-Spacek and Price have a future on the Synchronized Goalie team in Sochi. It's just an exhibition sport for now, but you never know...

-Pleks finds the seams better than a Saville Row tailor.

-Wish I had a home breathalyzer so I could check before I write this, but Kostitsyn is playing better D than Cammalleri. So is Pouliot.

-Habs breakout seems a bit more efficient than last year. Maybe familiarity breeds better passing?

-Gotta love a goal that comes with sound effects, and you gotta love Josh Gorges scoring it.

-Poor Spacek. He finds the net like Frobisher found the Northwest Passage.

-Two goal lead with twenty to go...if Martin had been on Happy Days, he'd say "Sit on it!"

Notes on the first:

-What a bleh ceremony in Buffalo. The announcer pronounced "Perreault" like Gionta would. Forty years without a Cup. Whatever. Drop the puck.

-Gionta's due. And if he scores one, he'll get another.

-Sometimes Gill looks like he's made out of Mecchano and all his joints are screwed together.

-Subban's discovering that the road out of the doghouse is paved with blocked shots and broken-up 2-on-1s. And Pouliot is learning the road into it is littered with the minor-league corpses of those who took dumbass o-zone penalties.

-Gomez is about as aggressive as a constipated octopus. He's chasing the puck half-heartedly and circling aimlessly when he doesn't have it. Non hockey-watching spouse says, "I just want him to start earning his money." I had to explain Gomez would have to play until the second coming for that to happen.

-Did anyone in the league send the refs that "define a blindside hit" video they sent out to the players? Hammer's going to ask during the intermission.

-Cammalleri looks like an old lady whose hearing aid batteries are worn down and he keeps having to ask "What?!"

-Wild end-to-end sequence to finish a pretty decent period. I fear one of those typical close Buffalo games, though, in which the Habs get stoned by Miller and they win 1-0.


Anonymous said...

is it me or 17 of the first 20 minutes were in the neutral zone. Both teams are looking like timbits hockey player running in direction of the puck no hockey sense whatsoever

Anvilcloud said...

"-Uh oh...Ruff's got the white board out on the timeout. Martin, as usual, is making up haikus in his head."

One of your finest.

Anonymous said...

Gill: "Left foot back, side, side...come on, feel the rhythm." lol
JT as usual you are the first star !!Your observations are hilarious,I look forward to them during every game. Thanks for being you !!