Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sens vs. Habs - Win One For the Pricer Edition

Notes on the third:

-The ice must be terrible. The Habs are falling down more than a bunch of drunken octogenarians.

-The PP is as effective as a paper bucket. Markov can't come back soon enough.

-I wonder how much time a game Gionta actually spends in a headlock? He definitely knows how Ruutu's pits smell.

-AK is having an incredible game. He's like a Mack truck with hands. And Plekanec redeems his average performance with a lovely shot.

-The Habs are going to be responsible for multiple coronaries this year. I hope they're well-insured.

-When it came time to lock it down, the team came through. Good, because it was going to be lousy to live with a loss for five days, then have to play the Devils on Thursday.

-Love the little low-five ritual Price and Subban have developed.

Notes on the second:

-It's a good thing Gorges' bones are made of Nerf foam because Neil was trying to break something.

-Even when Pouliot does everything right he gets robbed by a backup goalie. Sigh.

-The Travis Moen Top Six experiment is very hit and miss, but mostly miss. Makes you wonder how many pieces of moldy bread Fleming really left out before he found penicillan.

-Ruutu looked like he was trying to suffocate Gomez. Gomer's legs were kicking like a convict after they dropped the scaffold door.

-None of the Czechs are good tonight. Unusal for Plekanec to be off like this. Spacek sucks harder than a hooker on commission.

-After the second Sens goal in the period, on the second Sens shot, with Spacek and Hamrlik blowing it again, it's time to think O'Byrne might be a better option than the Spaceman sometimes.

-How long can the Habs continue to benefit from own-goals by the other team's D?

-If the Habs are a religion, then shooting the puck must be against it.

-Andrei Kostitsyn is finally, FINALLY, showing why he went top-ten in the 2003 Super Draft. His hands are quick as squirrels.

-Jacques the Knife isn't having a stellar night behind the bench. He threw Gomez out on a strange line on the Sens second goal, and had Spacek...the Habs worst player...out in the last minute of a tie period.

Notes on the first:

-Okay, I agree most CBC opening montages are lame, but the Gionta opera one was funny.

-Gionta didn't just burn Michalek, he cremated him. What a great goal!

-Gill, Hamrlik and Spacek are too old and slow to pinch as deep as Martin wants them to, which could be causing problems for The System.

-Spezza's no thespian, but with these refs, amateur theatre is convincing enough.

-Price is borrowing from the Hal Gill school of penalty killing: Just throw your big self down and hope it's under you. So far, so good.

-Habs PP is like a burlesque show. All kinds of teasing and flashing, but not really showing anything real.

-Canadiens passing in their own zone looks like they're juggling swords.

-Ye Olde Ds are looking gassed early in this one. Spacek and Hamrlik in particular have had their senior moments.

-Eller is a bit too much of a do-it-yourselfer. Comes from being the only decent player in Denmark.

-Rough period. Habs are bouncing around under the Sens forecheck. They need to pick it up or they'll drop this one.


Anonymous said...

Your expressions are priceless-'Spacek sucks harder than a hooker on commission'
Glad you decided to stick with the blog .

Anonymous said...

It looks like the only thing wrong with AK46 was his brother.

Paul O. said...

One thing to note, I seem to remember Georges and Price doing this after wins in his first season, and the beginning of his second, and then it was abandoned when he started having trouble winning.

Unknown said...

I love reading these game notes. Not only are they spot on, they're completely hilarious even when things aren't going so well on the ice.

Anonymous said...

I, myself, think that the ritual is cheesy!!!like we use to do in pee wee with our best buds...

Anonymous said...

Just one little comment about the Price-Subban thing. Subban did the same with Palushaj in the Bulldogs, not too sure where it comes from.