Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hockey's Halloween

If you haven't yet got a Halloween costume and you suddenly discovered there's a reason why you need one, don't despair. You can go as your favourite hockey player! Here's how:

-Wear a Rangers sweater, put your arm in a sling, tape your ankles and you're instantly Marian Gaborik!

-Dress in black, tape money all over yourself and lie down in the corner. You're Scott Gomez!

-Put on a Caps sweater, black out your front tooth and laugh maniacally, and you'll be Alex Ovechkin.

-Wear a Penguin's sweater and stick a pacifier in your mouth. You're Sidney Crosby!

-Put on some leiderhosen and a Rangers sweater, carry a copy of Vanity Fair, swear often and disparage people's wives or girlfriends, and you're Sean Avery.

-Wear large rings on all your fingers and your big toe, whiten your hair and put on a Habs sweater, for an instant Henri Richard.

-Want to be Ron Hextall? Wear a Flyer's sweater and goalie pads and fight everyone who crosses you in any way.

-Put on a troll mask and go as a Sutter.

-Wear a turtleneck and a Habs sweater, hang a #13 off your left arm and a #46 off your right and go as Tomas Plekanec.

-Stand on stilts, put on a Habs sweater and give treats away. Hal Gill!

-Wear a Detroit sweater, a grey beard and carry a walker. Stick pretty much any number on your back, and you're a Red Wing.

There you go. A few last-minute Halloween ideas for the hockey fan. Trick or treat!


Young HF29 said...

Great job JT! You sounded great. Way better than my ramblings.

Anonymous said...

All great suggestions. How about Glen "moneybags" Sather handing out cash and bus tickets to the AHL?

On another subject, JM really gains my respect (I know he doesn't care) by going with Picard over Spacek. I hope it works out and Habs get a win in Ohio.