Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flyers vs. Habs - World War Three Edition

Notes on the third:

-This period should be all Habs with the fresh legs and all.

-Oh lord. Another softie on Price. Not good.

-PLEKY! Hard work ends up in a hard-won goal.

-And GIO!! Could this team possibly have discovered two scoring lines?

-Please, don't give this up. Winning this would be so sweet, but the Flyers are getting the scarier chances.

-Pacioretty is a different man. He went to Hamilton as Pee Wee Herman and came back as Tom Cruise, when he was cool.

-Oh no. van Reimsdyk again. I hate the Flyers so much.

-You have to wonder if Lapierre had been scratched instead of Pyatt, whether he would have helped prevent that go-ahead goal.

-Subban with his second giveaway is fulfilling his risk-reward potential. Score one, give up two is not a good ratio.

-Lost in the shuffle is the fact that Price has notched his first stinker of the year. Even though three of the goals were off brutal defence, two should have been stopped.

-This sucks.

Notes on the second:

-Oh crap. Price hasn't been burned for a horrible fluke goal like that all year. Not good.

-Pax is looking good though. A little time with Desharnais setting him up worked wonders for him.

-Kostitsyn is waking up, and Subban wants to make up for his braindead clear at the end of the fist. There's hope yet, even if they haven't come from behind to win all year.

-If only Gill...ah, never mind.

-Ooh...Pierre's getting a mancrush on Pacioretty. Max and McGuire, up in a tree...

-Habs are everywhere this period, except on the scoreboard.

-Take that back. PK!!! The only thing nicer than the goal was Cammalleri picking Richards' pocket.

-Momentum is in the Habs favour and the Flyers played last night. It's a climb, but not a steep one.

Notes on the first:

-Sock it to 'em, P.K. Carcillo's going to be complaining about a lack of respect after this.

-Nice fast start. Hope there's some gas left in the tank for tomorrow.

-Gill's stick is really behaving like a third defenceman out there.

-Martin's got the lines back in order now. AK's back with Pleks and Moen with Halpern.

-Typical of Gomez this year. Perfect two-on-one at top speed with Gionta's stick on the ice, and the pass just lies there like a dead fish.

-Zherdev with the dirty hit from behind on Subban, and as per the New NHL, no call.

-Pierre McGuire's Homoerotic Comment of the Period: (after a series of observations on various guys' big sticks) "Size does matter."

-Great. Bobrovsky's going to be hot tonight.

-Oh, P.K. A high to start the period, and a low to end it. Brutal.

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Anonymous said...

A few points:

1: Why in G-ds name was lapierre on the ice with 2 minutes left?

2: Why did we not try and take off 1 of their defenseman in the third period since Pronger was gone for game and they had played the night before.

3: Yes AK did have some mental lapses but he is not a 4th line player. At least put him on the 3rd line to play with Eller and Darche.