Sunday, December 19, 2010

Habs vs. Avs - Left Coast Edition

Notes on the third:

-Disorganized PP during which nobody remembers to shoot. And NOW Anderson gets hot.

-Habs doing a great job using their bodies to protect the puck.

-Price is doing his best to keep them in it now.

-Mentioned to non-hocky watching spouse that Gill seemed to be doing okay with the altitude because he wasn't panting on the bench. Spouse says, "That's because he doesn't move fast enough to get short of breath."

-And the PP goes back to sucking just when it's needed most.

-Martin, please don't pull Price. Just don't.

-An exciting, defenceless flurry to end it, but no execution.

-O'Byrne will be lighter of pocket after he pays his teammates their money for beating his old team.

-This is not good.

Notes on the second:

-Nice to see Carbo on RDS. At least the TV gig means his extensive and expensive tie collection doesn't go to waste.

-Thank the lord for the PP. Never thought I'd say that this year.

-Gomez' sudden burst of energy and Pacioretty's presence in the crease made the Picard goal happen.

-Sigh. It's probably safe to say Carey Price is no longer hot.

-Still, that was a helluva save on the 2-on-1. If anything's going to help him blow off that bad goal, it's a save like that.

-It's sad that my heart was in my throat when I saw a Hab injured on the bench. Then I saw it was Lapierre and I thought, oh well, they'll just sub in Pyatt and have a better PK.

-Then he comes back and takes a penalty. Ugh.

-Just noticed Martin is rocking the warped amoeba tie again tonight. I wonder what his record is wearing that thing?

-Subban was soft on the clear that led to the Galiardi goal. The bottom-pair Ds are struggling hard lately. It's soon going to be time for Gauthier to address the defence stability issue.

-Speaking of the Galiardi goal, another one with less than five to go in the period is NOT a good sign. It was also probably goalie interference.

-Habs don't play well from behind, as we know, and now another penalty call. The wheels are falling off.

-Price has given up three goals on 15 shots.

-Now the Habs have to try and come back in the third for the first time all year while sucking for air.

Notes on the first:

-Lots of Lapierre early. Either he's on the ice more than usual or he's more than usually visible when he is.

-Fleischmann used to kill the Habs in Washington all the time. I'm so not thrilled to see him again.

-Oh Gomez. Target practice after practice would do him wonders.

-Hamrlik stickhandled like Gretzky to allow his mates to change.

-Avs D looks a bit iffy.

-Cammy's stick should be part of the line of Black&Decker precision tools. Gill's, on the other hand, is more like a blunt instrument.

-Hamrlik just rode Duchene out of the play with fantastic patience. He waited him out longer than Kate Middleton.

-It's surprising that for the highest-scoring team in the league, the Avs don't forecheck harder.

-Seriously, the guy in My Left Foot had better hands than Moen.

-Poor Spatch is gonna need oxygen by the third. Or a pint. Or both.

-Kostitsyn has got to be harder on the puck than that. Now a Habs penalty because of it. I hate him when he plays a half-assed game.

-Plekanec kills penalties like the leafs kill hope.

-This "last second in the period" goal thing is getting REALLY old. Really. It's enough to suck the limited amount of air out of the Habs balloon.


Bianca Sommerland said...

JMO, but Lapierre's penalty was BS. Even the announcer commented on it. Much as I love Lapierre, I had to laugh when he got a penalty for nudging a guy while Gill got away with an extended bear hug.

Anonymous said...

It was the altitude, not the attitude.

Besides tonight, but especially tonight, the Habs have to be the team that misses the most close, so close, my hair went gray.

I'm not sure what you have on Laps but you rat on him a lot. He has more goals and assists than Pyatt and a better presence than him. He also has more goals than the 8 million dollar man.

Jonathan Gervais said...

It's my first time on this site, I don't know who you are and how this site became but god you're good...

Really enjoyed my first reading of your website posts and you've now been added to my favourites. But like the Habs, as long as you keep the good work ;-)