Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sharks vs.Habs - Fin Soup Edition

Notes on the third:

-Ah...there's Cammalleri. Nice one-legged jig to get out in front for a shot.

-Gomez. Haven't seen so little hustle since the death of disco.

-Gill and Spacek are a marriage made in defensive hell.

-Good use of the time out by Martin.

-You have to love HDTV. We now know Price has a broken blood vessel in his right eye.

-Hammer time! Sometimes he has flashbacks to being the first overall pick. Easy garbage for Cammy.

-Wish Price had made that shot. Great win!

Notes on the second:

-Not having a D who can make a successful forward pass is hurting the transition game.

-That wasn't hooking by Plekanec. It was holding the stick with the armpit by the Sharks.

-Why does it seem the Canadiens never know where the puck is?

-It's easier to move snowplows than it is these Sharks.

-Price is handling the puck like he's roping calves.

-That Eller/Darche/Pouliot line has size, moves and persistence. Hello, second line!

-Is Cammalleri in uniform tonight? I haven't noticed.

-Plekanec's better than chocolate.

-Nice bounce back period. The physical Sharks aren't intimidating anyone.

Notes on the first:

-I understand Martin's reasoning in keeping Subban out again today, but I'd rather see him in against the big Sharks anyway.

-Nice fast start, but it'll be interesting to see what happens when the San Jose forecheck kicks in.

-Beautiful work by Pouliot on the Darche goal. And great puck pursuit by Darche himself.

-Are these the Canadiens, effectively forechecking? I must be dreaming during my afternoon nap.

-This is the kind of game when it's good to have a body like Andrei Kostitsyn's.

-Gill's looking a bit baffled by the little round black thing.

-Oh, Carey. I hope that doesn't signal a return of the rotten luck that dogged him in the last couple of seasons.

-Ten-four shots in favour of San Jose. It didn't look that way.


Anonymous said...

The Habs rolled four lines with all forwards playing 13+ minutes. All six D'men played at least 16 minutes. Everybody worked hard except guess who. I have always liked Gomez but he is looking more and more like dead weight.

What a terrific third period effort. A great win. Who sits for Subban to get back in?

Muse said...

I'm happy about the win, but I thought this was probably the most boring game I've watched all year. Felt like nothing was happening for the better part of the game. Really like what I see from Eller, this kid will be good and that line is definitely stepping up lately.

It'll be interesting to see what our defense will look like next year. With Weber starting to show he can hold his own at the NHL level, Picard who's been very solid so far this year and Subban all pushing hard for regular spots on the roster, they'll have some big decisions to make regarding Markov/Hammer/Gorges/Gill.

Anonymous said...

With all the road games and back-to-back games coming up, I wonder if JM would consider rotating Hammer and Spacek with Weber and Subban, resting the old guys with some nights off and maybe even giving Gill and Gorges a night off now and then.