Friday, December 31, 2010

Habs vs.Panthers: Stop the Bleeding Edition

Notes on the third:

-Canada lost. Poo.

-Well, what do you know? The Habs have clawed back. Didn't see either goal, but good on them.

-Wisniewski a goal and assist? Well, whaddya know? A good trade, I think.

-What is this thing I see? Passion? Determination? Habs getting to the puck first? It's a Baby New Year miracle.

-There are such flashes of light from the kids. Weber, Eller, even Pouliot. They show what they might be if not forced into a "System"

-Gill still handles the puck like a roadside bomb.

-Spacek is done. Just done. He should have pulled a Neidermayer and only come on board around February.

-OT. The players are actually celebrating a loser point. Sadly, so am I.

-What? Who? Wiz AGAIN?! I missed it because RDS totally screwed up and didn't show the winner. Allegedly the Habs won. Thank God.

-Love the Gill face wash on the way to the room.

-Happy New Year!!

Notes on the second:

-1-0 Panthers. I guess that's game over.

-It's really kind of amazing that every single player on the team has completely forgotten how to score, all at the same time. At some point it's got to reflect on the coach and his "system."

-Auld blows flying monkeys. Habs should have held onto Desjardins.

-There's no way this suck-ass team is going to recover from a two-goal deficit against Vokoun. I'm watching Canada-Sweden.

Notes on the first:

-No Lapierre. Will we miss him? Probably...not. The man had four years to prove he was more than a generic slug and he rarely ever did.

-Oh no! Darche turns the puck over on the PP. Whew! He turned it over to Higgins. No harm done.

-An interesting mathematical equation would be dollar value of player per minute of suck.

-At least they're shooting tonight, but they still can't hit the net.

-Rhetorical question: How tough is it to learn "go to the net?" Obviously very.

-Didn't the Habs used to be fast? It seems so long ago.

-And the penalty parade continues. One of the best French penalty names: retarde le match. The Habs are retarding a lot of matches lately.

-The stupidity metre seems to be peaking as usual, but the damage so far is minimal.


Anonymous said...

2-0 game over. Why is Desharnais not playing? Guess they don't want to screw up the chemistry. Can we get another 3-0 loss? Why not.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing. Watched the juniors and missed both goals. Should I watch the third?

Raj said...

<<-There's no way this suck-ass team is going to recover from a two-goal deficit against Vokoun. I'm watching Canada-Sweden.>>

Et tu, Brute?

Happy New Year, Leigh-Anne.

Anonymous said...

Against my better judgment I watched the third and they held on. I too was happy for a loser point. In the OT they didn't do much until the goal when Vokoun coughed up a rebound and Wizzer smacked it home. The guy is an adventure on defense but he knows how to score. So far so good on the trade and he seems really happy to be a Hab.

Am glad for Auld, hope he plays again soon. Thankfully the Habs didn't force him to a shoot out.

MC said...

Nice comeback win, I think the first comeback of this season. The Wiz was indeed a nice pickup. The PP was working, but the 5-5 offense was still pathetic. Who sits for DD to get into the line up? He is not a grinder, and they didn`t bring him up sit in the press box, so the obvious choice would be Pacioretty-Desharnais-Gionta, but will they have the stones to bump Gomez to the third line?