Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sens vs. Habs - Reboot Edition

Notes on the third:

-Once again, Halpern has to be the best bargain in the league.

-I'm not sold on the whole Eller/Spezza matchup. Martin could be better with that one.

-Speaking of Eller, you got to know when to hold 'em and know when to blast the friggin' thing at the net as hard as you can.

-That Gionta goal was going in, pass or shot. Gorgeous!

-RDS says Gomez has a bad back. Must be from carrying the team on it. Or from trying to lift his wallet. There's so much you can say...

-Gorges playing keepaway with Kovalev. I'm betting that's a first.

-Man, was Elliott even in the net for thirty seconds before Hammer's goal?

-Way to bounce back in the third. Looks good on them. I'm thinking Weber didn't play well enough to keep Subban out against Detroit.

Notes on the second:

-It was unintentional, but also kind of unfortunate that when Pang on TSN was comparing Subban to Pietrangelo in St.Louis, he said Pietrangelo does everything the "white" way.

-Now is the time when a smart coach recognizes that Cammalleri's playing his ass off tonight and plays him with Plekanec for a few shifts.

-Habs have made more missed passes this period than a blind guy at the Playboy mansion.

-Nice quick release on Weber's point shot.

-Subban almost got his ticket back into the lineup punched along with Weber's head.

-Darche, faced with open space on a five-minute PP, freaks out and spins the wrong way for a giveaway.

-Eller can be cute, but not against Alfredsson.

-Something about a five-minute major gives them the idea that they can dick around because there's lots of time. Sigh.

-No fair chanting for P.K. Even he wouldn't have saved that wretched PP. That one called for a Markov. Double sigh.

-Wretched isn't the word for the PP. It's worse than that. That'll probably decide this game.

Notes on the first:

-One definite improvement over last year's team: The defencemen actually move with the puck. There's not a whole lot of standing around looking for a pass this year.

-All this talk about the scoring-jinxed Sens has me nervous.

-Pyatt needs to stay after practice and shoot a hundred pucks on net every day.

-Cammalleri's finally using his pissed-offedness for the greater good. Excellent second effort on the PP.

-Darche playing a little Premier League on the zone clearance.

-Pleks is faster than the Pink Ladies.

-Spacek has an unfortunate tendency to throw a suicide pass to a guy in the line of fire when he's in trouble.

-We know Price wants to score, but it'd be nice if he wouldn't risk doing it on his own net.

-End of period goals just suck the life right out of you. Price was beaten like a lame horse on that.


Pete said...

The Pang gaff made me squirm in my seat....then I let out a mighty guffaw. I love a good face-palm moment.

I would expect Subban to be back next game. Message sent and hopefully received. If he were to sit another game, then the punishment would not fit the crime.

Best thing about tonight's game - it wasn't our A game, and we still found ways to win.


Anonymous said...

I hope the coaching staff has been working with PK to help him be a better player during his absence. The time in the press box could be very beneficial for him. Look forward to seeing him back on the ice. I don't believe this was a message being sent but rather a learning experience.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading you for a while now and I always enjoy it. But I still cant understand why your not giving us your game's though summary in chronologic order. I always start reading it at the end... I get used to, but I dont know... it would be less mouse scroll in chronologic order ahahaha ! Anyway good job !

J.T. said...

@anon (the second one): It turns out that way because I update it after each period, to be read during the game. If you're following in intermissions, the newest part will be at the top. It's only if you read it after the game that it gets confusing. Either way, there's scrolling to be done unless I post each period separately. Thanks for reading, though!