Monday, April 18, 2011

Bruins vs.Habs - Game Three

Notes on the second:

-Nice PK. Then Price gives the game away. I guess he gets some slack, considering what he's done for the team, but that was pretty awful.

-Too bad the timeout is gone. They need it now worse than they did in the first.

-Nobody winning the battles they won in Boston. Even Ryder's beating them on the boards.

-And a too-many-men penalty. Typical of the Habs when they're in panic mode.

-Price is giving up Thomasian rebounds tonight.

-Kostitsyn stripped both Chara and Thomas for his goal. Their denuded carcasses were warmed only by the warm glow of the red light.

-Pleks is getting way too Gomez on the puck, lugging it into the zone by himself.

-The Krejci line is dominating.

-Subban WILLED that puck to stay in on the PP. Too bad nobody else can match his intensity.

-Unless we see a very different Habs team in the third, the Bs are back in this.

Notes on the first:

-Why does it feel like every game in this series is more important and momentous than the one before it?

-Fantastic to see Mr.Beliveau there with the torch. Oh, do the Habs ever know how to do ceremony right?! I expect if they ever get to the Finals, there'll be an entire pantheon of the greats there in support.

-Crappy, jittery PP leads to a great Bs chance and their first lead of the series. Habs are not playing the same game tonight.

-AK's looking great early.

-Habs look like a 33 played at 45 speed.

-When the makeup calls come, these failed PPs are going to hurt.

-Subban hit Lucic like Doomsday.

-Spacek may have made the single dumbest pinch of the year, and Gomez took a stupid penalty. When your vets are stupid, you don't win many games.

-Sigh. Bruins winning more races than the Kenyans and a softie on Price. Habs aren't playing their game.

-I always judge the likelihood of winning a game by who's getting to loose pucks first. Tonight, it's the team in white. I hate it, but it's true.

-Terrible, terrible period. Habs were outchanced, outshot, outworked and outscored. If this doesn't change in the next two periods, this series is going to get scary.


dusty said...

Looks like you gave up after the second period. Don't worry, they'll win game 4.

Anonymous said...

"Habs look like a 33 played at 45 speed."

A great line is lost on a generation that never looks back, only forward.

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