Thursday, April 14, 2011

Habs vs.Bruins - Game One

Notes on the third:

-If Gionta's goal turns out to be the only one the Habs score tonight, I may go into defib.

-Everybody's trying so hard. No passengers on the Greyhound tonight.

-Wisniewski's made a couple of really nice D plays. That's a relief.

-Moen's probably the weakest link tonight. Not winning on the boards and fumbling passes.

-Pyatt skates like he had blades instead of feet as a kid.

-Sopel's deflecting shots like a good comedian.

-THE CAPTAIN AGAIN!!! On a BRILLIANT play by Gomez, no less. WOW!!

-That overgrown gorilla Chara lost it on Pleks. What a cretin.

-Amazing. Just amazing. Three more to go.

Notes on the second:

-NOT good news for AK to be hurt. This team honestly has the luck of the Irsh. During the potato famine.

-Subban's skating would have inspired Michelangelo.

-The refs aren't letting them play. They're trying to control a game that's already under control.

-Sometimes, you'd really like to put White's head on Gill's body, just to see what a wrecking machine he could be.

-The PK's working really well, but it's getting too much practice.

-Pleks has had more chances than the Prodigal Son.

-Love Muller's patriotic tie.

-Shots in the period were 18-6. Nice to see The System back in full force. Price has been solid.

Notes on the first:

-Going all hot and cold here, and the game is still five minutes from puck drop.

-I know all the Habs aren't exactly lookers, but half the Bruins are pretty deformed.

-That Bs anthem singer sounds like Paul Anka swallowed a vibrator.

-Close-up of Porn Star Timmy. He looks ready.

-Boston fan towels are yellow. How apropos.

-Nice rush by Plekanec to get things going. Gomez looks interested.

-I wonder if Subban can drive them nuts enough to forget their game plan?

-THE CAPTAIN!! Nice set-up by Gomez too, with Darche's ass in TT's face. Perfect execution for that line.

-Late shot by P.K. on Lucic, with no call. Kid's got to be smarter or he'll get it next time.

-The D, outside Subban, is scary at moving the puck. That and the ineffectiveness of guys like Moen and Pyatt at winning the battles are the biggest weaknesses so far.

-Faceoffs are not great either.

-Great PK. The Bs barely touched it.

-Eller's playing a really frazzled game. He needs to take his time.

-Excellent period. Two more like that to keep the Bs worried.


Anonymous said...

J.T.: Did your heart climb into your throat when cbc showed the footage of Price winking?

J.T. said...

@anon: I missed it. I've been unable to watch a single second of the Bs love-in on HNIC.

GHF377 said...

It ma not mean much but a few rocks dropped from hearts over here in old Europe, too!
But at this rate the cardio surgeons will be busy ...

Greetings from far away Germany!

Anonymous said...

JT never posted before and love your analysis. BUT... I have to point out that it's not 3 more, it's 15 more.

RL said...

Did I not say it.... 3 more to go... BELIEVE!!!!

The boys completely shut them down. Even the Boston fans were throwing things at the Bs ... wow... shows how classy they are.

Anonymous said...

Nathan Neanderthal-ever notice how his helmet won't even cover up that forehead !!
Is there any team I hate more than the Broons !!
Don't be too hard on Travis-I think he is hurt...

OK-Breatheeeeeeeeeee JT, stay with us lol