Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Habs vs.Bruins - Game Seven

Notes on OT:

-OT certainly favours the Bs, whose depth will figure into this. The Habs are old and depleted on D, and that will hurt.

-If I were a Hab, I wouldn't want to shake Chara's hand. Or any of them, really.

-One goal for the season. This is too much.

-Price has given his team every possible chance to win this. He's answered whatever questions have been asked of him.

-And one last OT loss to put the season to bed. Devastating, but not unexpected.

Notes on the third:

-Wiz looked shaky on D in the first, but his offence really helped keep the pressure on in the second. I hope he survives the third.

-This is giving me ulcers.

-Cheap shot by Ference on Halpern, and another Hab has to go to the quiet room.

-The Bs have been offside so many fortuitous times tonight.

-And, in perfect harmony with the rest of the Habs year, Hamrlik is taken out of the play with an uncalled elbow and a former Sen picks up the go-ahead rebound.

-I'm not sure which I hate more, Gomez or Martin for playing him so damn much. He's minus three again tonight. I just can't believe him.

-I wish NHL teams could pick up guys from eliminated squads. I'd give a lot to have Jonathan Toews in the Habs lineup tonight.

-Cammalleri, with the tying goal on his stick decides to pass. And that's how it's gone.

-Well, you can't say they didn't have a chance. A PP with two minutes to go.

-And SUBBAN WITH THE BOMB!!! Holy crap.

-Losing faceoffs is hurting them so much.

-OT in Game Seven. I can't take it.

Notes on the second:

-I wish Kostitsyn would use his huge, hairy gorilla arms to score a couple of goals. Do you think he understands the term "contract year?"

-Nice flurry to start the second, negated by a dumbass Eller crosscheck.

-Plekanec couldn't have chosen a better time to cash a breakaway if he'd been allowed to write the script himself.

-How on earth did Krejci miss a wide open net? Man, the Habs D is terrible.

-I'm not sensing any real hate between these teams anymore. They're more worried about their own fortunes than they are about each other.

-Price is a bit scary, going for pucks that end up in battles with Bruins.

-Gomez continues to be the worst Hab on the ice, including the hundred-year-old defencemen. Closely followed by Kostitsyn.

-Twenty minutes for the season. What a ride!

Notes on the first:

-I'm nervous because I'd love a Habs win, but at the same time, I'm calm because whatever happens, they did their best. It's a weird feeling.

-I hope Krejci is available to play for Team Czech at the World Championships. They could really use him.

-The Boston anthem singer sounds like he's gargling William Shatner.

-Wow, Mike Cammalleri has a big head. Literally, huge. Almost as big as Marchand's nose.

-First blood to the Bs. Gomez sucks. He's softer on the boards than a feather duster.

-Spacek and Sopel are terrible together. Oh, for the days of even half a Markov.

-It's looking like it was a mistake to play Wiz while he's hurt. He's pretty ineffective under pressure.

-2-0, and again Gomez is on the ice being useless. It's one thing to lose. It's another to lose because your friggin' millionaire is wretched.

-Could Weber be the Thomas Killer? Three playoff goals in his career, all against Timmy. Beautiful shot.

-Gomez' line is losing every battle against everyone.

-Great PK at the end of the period. The Habs will have to spill their guts to tie this in the second, and Price will have to shut it down.


Anonymous said...

Price was not the reason they lost the series but on the other hand he won ONE game at home and did not take them beyond the first round. Halak took them to the ECF that is a fact and you can make all the excuses and colour it anyway you want. Halak was ECF and Price first round exit.

Weber scores two goals in limited action in two games and where was he? Gomez as usual is put out shift after shift and is a -3 for the game. JM has to go and take his buddy Gauthier with him please.

J.T. said...

@anon: Halak also had a healthy Markov and Gorges in front of him for the Washington series. With the defence Price had, he worked a miracle to get them as far as he did. Let Jaro go. It's time. Gomez...yeah, I'm with you there.

Larry said...

Thanks for all the fine work again this year JT. I have loved coming to this site to read your insights and have a laugh or two at the wit. Crushing loss. I am proud of the team, but am done with this league. I just found the injustices this year were too much to take. The third goal tonight was the final straw for me. I will not watch another game until Colin Campbell and Gary Bettman are gone. I will always love the Habs, but the NHL wants the young male Ultimate fighting crowd. They can have them. They lost a 40 year fan this year.

Anonymous said...

J.T. with all due respect watch those game 6 and game 7 Washington games. It was all Halak as he faced a shooting gallery against the MOST POTENT offense in the NHL that year. Yes Price did not have Markov and Gorges BUT the Bruins of 2011 are NOT the Capitals of 2010. The mandate of PG and Price was to IMPROVE on last season. They failed.

J.T. said...

@anon: Yes, the Bruins are not last year's Caps. But the Canadiens are also a seriously hurt team. The Bs were missing Marc Savard. The Habs were missing Markov, Gorges, Pacioretty and Desharnais, while Eller, Spacek and Wiz were playing hurt. No comparison.

Anonymous said...

J.T. everyone mentions the loss of Pacioretty while conveniently forgetting he was a late season callup coming up in January. Desharnais was even a LATER callup. Using them as excuses is disingenuous as they were not integral parts for the majority of the season. As for players playing hurt well that happens every playoffs. Are you suggesting that Halak had an entirely healthy team in front of him? No comparison? In what respects?

DT said...

I consider losing kind of like a mercy-killing, given how depleted the line-up got. Playing a whole round to game 7 will be valuable experience down the road for the young kiddy corps. Give the boys props for the team effort all the same.
Thanks for making this season bearable, JT!!!

Anonymous said...

Can I had something here?

Halak will never, ever repeat what he did last year. Never. He's good, but that was fluky.

Price will be this good year after year, after year. If the team improves, so will the results.

Oh, and Eller is slowly morphing into Plekanec 2.0.

This club wasn't built for the Cup and they did good.

Now, it's Gauthiers' time.

J.T. said...

@anon (the stubborn one): I'll give this one more shot, although you are obviously the type who's still hung up on Halak and can no longer accept reality. You may dismiss Pacioretty's and Desharnais' contributions if it's convenient to your argument, however you must consider the fact that the Canadiens may not have made the playoffs without them. They came up in December and changed the profile of the team with their additions. At the times of their injuries, both were regulars...good enough to replace the guys who started in those positions at the beginning of the year. So, losing them meant losing regulars and having to replace them with less good versions. No matter when his callup, how can you argue that Travis Moen was a better option on the Gomez line than Pacioretty? Because Moen was there longer? Sorry, not buying that. Fact is, the Canadiens were not able to ice their best lineup. With the exception of Marc Savard, the Bruins were. End of story.