Saturday, April 16, 2011

Habs vs.Bruins - Game Two

Notes on the third:

-The Canadiens are committed to grabbing rebounds. Good thing, too, since Price didn't see a couple of those shots.

-Price, though, he's been excellent.

-Really, the biggest problem for the Habs has been faceoffs. If they won a few more draws, the Bs'd be in even bigger trouble.

-They're double-teaming Subban, and it's working.

-Eller's playing like someone dropped acid in his cup.

-The Habs kids are killing the Bs vets.

-Pleks can't even hit the empty net.

-Ah, the glorious sound of Bruins fans booing their team off the ice. So, so sweet.

Notes on the second:

-Great PK to start the period. The boys look determined.

-The PP, on the other hand, leaves something to be desired.

-PLEKY! The chances he's had with no results are like a 75-year-old trying to conceive.

-Pyatt's playing a hell of a game. He's working like a steam engine.

-Just as I was thinking Gomez wasn't playing as well as he did in Game One, he stands still on Bergeron and the Bs are on the board.

-Too many penalties. Our guys have to be smarter.

-Weber!! Gorgeous opportunistic backhander by the fourth line that's been beating the Bs to the puck all night.

-Another great period. One more and we can start playing Big Sugar's "Diggin' A Hole"

Notes on the first:

-Unreal. P.J.Stock on heat: Big guys feel the heat more and start to break down when it's too warm. Huh? Is that because heat rises or something?

-Chara's out. Big deal. Teams compensate in the playoffs, and the Bruins will still be just as determined without him.

-Don't like missing Kostitsyn. He'd been using his size really well against the Bs.

-Way to start it! Cammalleri snipes before it's a minute old.

-Ah! Thomas handles the puck like a grenade and if anybody but Pyatt has the empty net, it's 2-0.

-The first hands-on coaching I've ever seen from Jacques the Knife, literally. As White's about to go off like a rocket, Martin puts his arms around him and calms him down. The Hothead Whisperer.

-Brilliant PP. It must have lasted a whole five seconds.

-Price outright robbed Lucic. The Boston PD will be called to investigate.

-The big fear here is that the Habs may think they've got it won already and slack off.

-Refs are doing a good job keeping the gate of the gorilla cage latched.

-My eight-year-old just said: "Hockey games are interesting. They're like a big epic battle."

-Great period. Everyone's gutting it out. Didn't know the shots were 15-8 for the Bs. Didn't seem like it.


GoldenGirl11 said...

Oh. My. God.

That it all.

Humberto said...

This team was made for the playoffs!

Humberto said...

beautiful game, quote of the game my girlfriend putting her left hand up in question "whats with that retard in the bruins jersey just standing there at the blue line with the puck moving his head" about the time she says it i see its Kaberle and he gives the puck up on a rush.

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed of myself for saying Boston would sweep the Habs...

It never felt so good to be wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Norcalvol said...

Comments by PK during his on-ice post-game interview on Versus were priceless. All business, baby. This team has really grown in oh so many ways.

DB said...

The Bruins always seem to forget that the objective of the game is to beat the other team and not to beat-up the other team.

DanielleJam said...

The hot-head whisperer: classic.

Me? I grabbed my husband and said "look, look!! It will be the talk of the town tomorrow! Martin is all over White!! Had to skip back two times!

Awesome, awesome game. The boys are comin' home!

dusty said...

A little justice for Chara after all. Good to see. Gotta like your chances when Kaberle plays 28 minutes.

Weber played like a beast. He and Pyatt seem to understand how to play playoff hockey. They were terrific and made a difference in this game.

I could be wrong but some of the Bruins look like they feel sorry for themselves.

punkster said...

Ya that Martin. Doesn't know how to handle the kids.