Saturday, April 2, 2011

Habs vs.Devils - I Hate Brodeur Edition

Notes on the third:

-Plekanec's unusually strong on the draw tonight.

-What a rocket from Subban! Too bad Skinner's so awesome, or P.K. would have a legitimate Calder shot. Then again, Gomez was a Calder winner, so what the hell does that mean?

-Moen fights, but on the boards he's about as gritty as satin panties.

-Mara and Sopel are the new Dandouillon. They shall be called Mopel.

-Darche again! The man should do a training video called "Good Things Happen When You Go To the Net."

-I think Martin's wearing the same tie he wore last time the team won.

-Uh oh. Marty's mad at Pleky. Pleks looks so scared.

-Subban's just so good with the first pass. More accurate than a laser printer.

-You just knew Price couldn't get the shutout. How many times has his crappy D broken up a whitewash? Gill's fault this time.

-Nice finish. It's nice to have some breathing room for a change.

Notes on the second:

-Fortunately, the Devils D keeps the puck in as well as Deep Throat kept secrets.

-Brodeur is his usual stonewalling, aggravating self. Again.

-Habs PP only works when Subban's on the ice. Martin is gradually realizing that.

-Pouliot has such trouble with gravity.

-Elmer Lach would have potted one on the open net Kostitsyn missed. And HE'S got a broken hip.

-Another chess-match period. So far, the Habs are protecting their king pretty well, even if he didn't know where the puck was a couple of times.

Notes on the first:

-My level of expectation for this game is about as high as my level of expectation that world peace will be achieved by summer.

-Absolutely terrible bench camera on RDS tonight. It's looking down through chicken wire.

-Rebounds are scarcer than Kostitsyn's hairs.

-Great move by Price to force Tedenby outside. The last thing this team needed was to dig itself an early hole. Helps to have a little luck with the angle off the post too.

-The next person who makes a drop pass on the cycle should get a fine and jabbed with a cattle prod.

-It's great to have the sniping ability of Darche back in the lineup. I wish more of his wealthier mates would get the same idea.

-People who criticize Eller forget he still has pimples.

-Gill's like the world's biggest marshmallow. He probably attracts tourists in the offseason.

-Gomez picked the wrong rink if he was hoping to escape the jeers of Habs fans.

-Price bumbled like a bee on that one. Now a penalty. Sigh...every mistake has to cost.

-Pleks looks like he's a half-step slower than usual. Even on the PK breakaway, he didn't have the afterburners.

-Good period. Canadiens should be in this one unless there's a massive second-period collapse.


dusty said...

Brodeur was great in that period. Should be at least 3-0. Which means of course Price will need a shutout.

moeman said...

"Gill's like the world's biggest marshmallow. He probably attracts tourists in the offseason."

I may have to give up my creative writings. Pure gold JT.

zaskar said...

I remember Dandouillon but instead of Mopel how about "Marpel"?


Number31 said...

Samsonov also won it.