Thursday, April 7, 2011

Habs vs.Sens - Who Cares Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-Stock saying: "I can't criticize them too much." It must be painful, P.J.

-HNIC pointing out that Ryan Miller got a knock in the head and continued to play. It's noticable that goalies are not getting the same treatment as players under the new concussion protocol.

-Oh, come on! How lazy do you have to be to give the Sens three shots at it? Not a stellar shift for Gill or Subban. Pleks either.

-This is what I hate about the NHL. Marginal players hurting other guys in some brain dead attempt to keep or earn a job.

-Habs five-minute PP. I think they haven't scored on one all year. Aaaannnd...terrible effort.

-I'm worried Plekanec doesn't score anymore.

-Gill looked like the biggest pussy in the league on the Butler winner. Does that make him a lion?

-Well, that was a waste of time. Wish I could watch the Chicago game again.

-Oh. Okay, they've secured the pity point.

-Auld's a sieve on the winner. Proving, once again, why he's a backup.

Notes on the second:

-Stock on HNIC: "The guy who didn't have the puck still dood the same play." Way to go, CBC.

-Ha ha..."Auld makes sure the starter gets the night off." Hasn't he been pulled twice in his ten starts?

-What's up with AK and the passing? It's like he suddenly had Lasik on his hockey vision.

-HNIC pointing out how Gomez will drop the puck to avoid going to the net. Yup. Got it in one.

-Watching Lars Eller hit is a lovely thing. He gets his shoulder down and drives into the guy's midsection. Can the NHL hire him for a how-to video?

-Who else is REALLY hoping Subban gets that record-tying 15th goal tonight?

-Somehow, I really hope Weber gets the only goal of this game.

-I wish the Habs had Hamrlik instead of Spacek signed for next year.

-Wow. The refs these days really do fall for anything, don't they? Weber called on a blatant dive.

-Yay! Finally, Gio pots one. Darche doing yeoman's work on the play. Gomez with a nice pass too.

-Ole's coming from the crowd. You can't really blame them. They're so excited to see real hockey in their home rink.

-Meandering kind of game. I'm glad the Habs are up, but I'm not sold on a win yet.

Notes on the first:

-The Canadiens, if they're truly a playoff team, should NOT lose this game. Even if nobody really cares about the score anymore, Habs vs.Binghamton should be a no-brainer.

-Hughson on CBC: "Desharnais just slipped a check." He does that a lot. Desharnais, I mean. Not Hughson.

-Just please, nobody get hurt.

-Looks like they're trying really hard to get Gomez a goal. Maybe they should turn that effort to solving climate change instead.

-Weber's not a bad forward.

-Kostitsyn just doesn't think. That's his biggest flaw. But maybe he can't. I don't know anymore.

-The Habs aren't really pushing. This is kind of like the guy who means to lose weight, but he'll start right after this pizza.

-Boring period.


dusty said...

Hab fans singing Ole song. I can see why a lot of people hate the Habs. I guess it wouldn't be so noticeable if Ottawa had any fans of their own.

Woodvid said...

Didn't the Sens recently beat the Bruins and/or the Flyers? Wouldn't really be any shame in losing to them.

dusty said...

That's not the Senators. That's Binghampton. And there definitley is shame involved. Not scoring in the NHL is one thing but not scoring in the AHL is something else again.

I'm really hoping that the Habs don't play Boston. I don't want to see Chara again until next year.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with your harshness of Auld-he did not lose this game for the Habs.
If you don't score on a 5 min pp-you don't deserve to win.
A sweep is coming,hopefully not by the Bruins........................

dwgs said...

PJ Stock is an abomination. That is all.

Woodvid said...

Dusty, I'm as ready to get mad and feel shame as anyone after a Habs' loss -- but in the past few weeks the Sens (OK, Binghampton) have beaten red-hot New Jersey twice (before the Devils were out of the playoffs), the Caps, the playoff-hungry Rangers, and the Flyers just two nights ago. So while the Habs probably should've won last night, it's not a huge shock that they didn't. Maybe Binghampton is actually better than the real Sens. :-)