Saturday, October 22, 2011

Habs Keep Sucking

"NHL leading scorer Phil Kessel" is as incongruous a statement as "U.S President Sarah Palin."

Why does Phaneuf always look like he's mentally multiplying by 13?

Grabovski may be scoring more these days, but he still looks like a rodeo clown.

Hal Gill's a member of the silver stick club. Sounds like he should get his porn for free from now on.

Ha ha! Komisarek getting ready for a return pass. Like anyone would pass it BACK to him.

Travis Moen: Breakaway king.

Strange world when Moen with puck possession fills you with a sense of possibility.

If empty nets were diamonds, the Habs would be Elizabeth Taylor.

One-Ball Phil just completed his set by gelding Gorges.

It's ironic the Habs keep getting called for too many men, when most of us think they haven't enough.

Cunneyworth looks like he's pacing behind the bench with a load in his pants. He probably does.

That's funny. Perry Pearn's on RDS talking about passion in the game. That's like asking Spock about emotion.

Maybe the Habs are just tired of being in the playoffs. That's got to take a lot out of a team.


Anvilcloud said...

Perhaps if Hal Gill wasn't a thousand games of marshmallows, it would have made a difference.

Pisano said...

I do not mean to be too forward with a good Newfoundland woman like yourself but, "I LOVE YOU!"

Immediately after yet another debacle, I look to vent, read your blog and laugh. Pure gold!

dusty said...

What a horror show. The leafs have a better defense, goalie (Riemer) and better scoring than Montreal. Did a double take when I saw an "A" on Grabovski. He was the most dangerous and exciting player on the ice. Didn't he play for the Habs once?

It's clear. The leafs have a better GM and coach than the Canadiens. Of course that's not saying much.

And to top it all off, JM's job is safe as is PG's. Only hope the scouting staff doesn't blow the lottery pick.

If I was a Hab I'd call a few of the Devils for advice on how to survive the rest of the season.

I hope Budaj gets a start soon. Price needs to get away from this team for a while. They are going to kill him.

Rock on the Rock said...

It's time the GOAT on George Orwell's Animal Farm took the initiative AND FIRED JACK SPRAT!!! I'M SO F@#$%^& BORED with this BORING Martin team!!! Ok, I was at a wedding and got home early (hate weddings) - about 45 seconds before GRAb My B***s found himself delirious and alone in front of Carry The Load Price!
The wedding was for an employee who left to get married and move to Gander; WORSE they're all Laffs fans! I commented to her Dad (another Laffs fan) that hopefully our beloved Habs would lose so JACK WOULD GET FIRED!

Anonymous said...

Apparently Gorges has forgotten how to play on a good knee. Do you think Cole would like to have a time machine back to this summer ?
I hope Larry Robinson is dusting off his coach's suits,hopefully he needs them soon.
Is Darche becoming hated because of JM's obsession with him?
Can someone find Gionta's pilot light,it went out recently.....
It seems that pink is not Carey's color !

moeman said...

Serenity now.

Alton said...

What I have trouble understanding is the following:

1. Travis Moen, on of the least paid players, is the team's top scorer.

2. Price has gone from spectacular to average .890 after the game last night.

The team has to take their heads out of the sand and start figuring out what is not working. Personally, I don't care if they make the playoffs or not, but give us a little entertainment this year.

dusty said...

There's a lot of trade talk on HIO this morning.

Molson shouldn't let PG make any moves before firing him. I can imagine the goat trading AK46 to some western team for crap and he will immediately turn in to the 40+ goal scorer he could have been from the start with proper handling. I'm breaking out into a cold sweat just thinking of the possibility.