Thursday, October 6, 2011

Habs vs. leafs - Opening Night Edition

Notes on the second:

-leafs suck.

-Oh, for god's sake. These losers can score when Pleks is the only D back on a PP. Something's got to give, Martin.

-Habs can't score. This will be the story for the rest of the year.

-Gomez is back to drifting left on the rush...the single most ineffective offensive play a centreman can make.

-Spatch flattened by Phaneuf, but gets right back up. A tribute to his conditioning, because last year he would have been lying there for 20 mimutes.

-Habs PP creates as many sparks as rubbing two wet sticks together. Unless it's for the other team.

-Where's "New Edition" Gomez tonight? Looks like he's drinking the same old Kool Aid.

-I smell shut out already. That's not good, for the first game of the year.

-This is the most depressing game since 2006.

-If Grabovski can weave through the Habs D like a silkworm, what's going to happen when they face Datsyuk?

-And the glory of the period: too many men. Might as well start setting the record from Day One.

Notes on the first:

-I hate the leafs more than polio.

-Pleky's so fast, if he had more ice he'd be supersonic.

-I think Josh Gorges has actually discovered the art of skating since his surgery. He's the anti-Markov.

-The Subban Spinnerama is as confusing to the leafs as Mandarin is to a Newfoundlander.

-Wow. Grabovski is with TO for four years already? It's true that when you get old the time moves faster.

-Crap. Have the leafs actually got a decent goalie for once?

-Steckel is such a waste of a lineup spot.

-Gotta love The System. No leaf has had a clear look at Price through the first.

-The Habs PP is more unconscious than the guy in Awakenings.

-Why does the Hab in front of the net always have his back turned to the play?


Anonymous said...

Come on J.T. Are you really surprised. You have followed this team for years with insight. Do you really expect Gomez to be better because he says he will be? Do you think Mueller was there as a courtesy to an old player? Do you figure picking players up at the end of camp or off the waiver wire indicates a well balanced team?

Hype is hype. Talk is talk. The Leafs were horrid in the first period.

The one thing about sports that remains consistent is that what you see is what you get. The main issue here is most Habs fans only see what they want to see and what the media tells them happened.

dusty said...

It looks like the long look that the Habs gave the youngsters in the preseason is going to cost them some points in the early going. They are not ready for prime time. The leafs (after the first period) out skated, out hit and out chanced the Habs. Very sad.

I was watching Cole and could almost see the tears in his eyes. DD is not really an NHL center let alone another Eric Staal. I bet he's wishing he took the three year deal in Carolina. Greed is a bitch.

AK46 lasted a period and a half or so before getting dropped from the top line. No surprise there.

Komisarek finally found a guy to push around in Gionta. What a joke he has become.

Oh, almost forgot. We lost a D-man at the ACC.
Surprise, surprise. Hope Campoli is OK. He's having some pretty bad luck in Montreal already.

I watched some of the Bruin Flyer game. Now that was hockey. Too bad I don't like either team because if the Habs could play like that what a wonderful world this would be.

Good night and pleasant dreams.