Thursday, October 20, 2011

Habs vs. Pens: Brutality Edition

I've been following the games on Twitter, but some of you have been asking to have the comments recorded on the blog as well. So, here you go:

Congratulations to Hal Gill, who never expected to make 1000 games. At least not in the NHL.

Liking the Gorges/P.K. pairing, but P.K. should do the passing.

It always makes me feel better when Price makes saves standing up. That sounds kind of dirty, but I don't know why.

Emelin is deceptively adept at handling the puck.

If Josh Gorges had a motto, it would be "You Shall Not Pass." Second choice: "It's Just A Flesh Wound."

How cute. The RDS guys get all excited about a Darche breakaway.

I honestly thought Crosby would make his comeback tonight. Just to screw the Habs.

In a battle of Dr.Jeckyl vs. Mr.Hyde proportions, this is the Bad Habs. Great. On a night when they might have won with the Good Habs.

Engqvist is to Guy Carbonneau what Marcel Hossa is to Marion Hossa.

When the Habs' wives wish them luck when they leave for the rink, they're obviously not specifying "good."

That call on Price was as legit as Milli Vanilli.

This mess is without Crosby, Malkin and Letang. Good lord.

Emelin just learned guys in the NHL brace themselves for those hits.

Oh, get a life, NHL fans. Subban's not exactly as hateful as Chara.

I wonder if Gionta ever plays the midget card when caught crashing the goalie?

The Habs' PP is as lively as Gaddafi.

Really? How does Gionta board anyone? He can't even see over the boards.

The Habs are playing a brutal game. If they keep this up for another ten, they'll have a lottery pick. Congrats, Gauthier and Martin.


dusty said...

If Demers and Savard can be fired 4 games in, can we hope for a coaching change at least? When the Habs lose to the leafs on Saturday something has to give. The Habs are not very good but they are not this bad. It's not all JM's fault but for some reason only a handful of players are working hard and the coach has to take the blame.

The difference between the Penguins and the Habs is that Pittsburgh plays north south and everybody works hard and knows his job in all situations. The Canadiens are confused. There is no cohesion. Maybe three years of JM is just too much.

My fear is that JM and PG will continue on and Price, Subban and Pacioretty will not sign long term. I know that if I was a young talented player in Montreal I would leave when I became a UFA.

Anonymous said...

Leigh Anne,

Lottery pick = very good. Limping into the playoff = very bad.

If you need more convincing, watch Seguin or Duchesne just for one shift.


dwgs said...

@Max, while I agree with the sentiment, do you really have confidence in the current braintrust? They'll grab a Minnesota high school d-man previously projected to go in the third round.

Steve said...

funny stuff

Raj said...

JT, thanks for putting your game comments on Twitter on to your blog. I'm not a fan of Twitter -- it seems a little too random (even though I realize it's not really, it just seems that way) for my middle-aged brain to wrap itself around.

Your blog, on the other hand, is a model of clarity and elegant writing. Thanks again for the work you put into it.