Thursday, October 20, 2011

On The Occasion of Skillsy's One-Thousandth Game

A Thousand Games of Skillsy

He doesn't skate like Coffey
Niklas Lidstrom he is not.
He hits as hard as toffee,
But he'll always block a shot.

His wingspan covers metres
His best attribute is "tall"
He orders beer in litres.
He perfects the PK sprawl.

His stick is half a redwood
In a 5-on-3 he's king.
He changed so he's not deadwood
Now he wears Lord Stanley's ring.

A thousand games completed
Fifteen years of tears and thrill
Good fun when he competed
Just one dream left to fulfill.


Steve said...

Nice tribute, he is a great mentor for our young crew

moeman said...

Nicely done.