Friday, February 12, 2010

Habs vs. Flyers - Part One Edition

Notes on the third:

-I'm so glad to have the Olympics as a distraction from the Habs for a while. The stress is hurting my stomach.

-Briere with the own-goal. I love that.

-Moore? Still not sold, but I'll take the goal.

-Subban is looking at the refs thinking, "Hey, we've got better than you in the AHL." He's right.

-O'Byrne made the single best foiling of a breakaway play I've seen all year. Fabulous.

-You can't fault their heart. Imagine if they'd actually had their whole top-six and Markov in the lineup.

-Subban was one of the best Habs on the ice. I love him. Now, send him back to Hamilton immediately so Martin doesn't ruin him.

Notes on the second:

-Just noticed on the replay of the first Philly goal, it was Moore who should have moved Carter out of the crease. Yay! Another softie in the lineup.

-The puck is like a live trout in Price's glove.

-This is on Martin. There's no reason to start the backup in a must-win game. The soft goals are just crippling.

-It's not a good sign when Sergei Kostitsyn can't win a puck battle with a guy who's lost his stick.

-The third goal is another glorious example of why defencemen need to either block the damn shot or get out of the way. The tip-ins happen way too often. I guess that's Pearn's stellar D coaching. Because he played so much defence himself.

-I reallly hate giving Briere any reason to gloat. His stupid grin, with that space between his eyes through which you could drive a zamboni, is just so annoying.

-Why is it Gomez and Gionta can forecheck like angry men on the PK, but never do it at even-strength?

-The Habs looked shocked when Subban passed the puck to a moving forward rather than across to his D-partner on the breakout. ALERT! There has been a deviation from The System! Call the Badly-Dressed Bore Police at once!

-I feel bad for Jaro. At least I can have strong beer while watching this.

Notes on the first:

-Welcome to the NHL, PK Subban! So sorry you have to play with Hal Gill.

-Gorges should not be playing tonight. He said yesterday that helmet shot knocked him out for a minute. Concussion experts say unconsciousness after a blow to the head is one of the signs of some degree of brain injury.

-Hartnell is such a giant turd. And he looks like he has Cousin It on his head.

-It's hard to score when the puck stays in the defensive end for an entire shift.

-They really want to rile Moore. I wonder why? It's not like he's a fighter.

-Half the players on the ice got so involved in facewashing they forgot the game was still going on. Enough with the silly "messages," guys.

-Gill looks like he went to the Breezer school of physicality and Spacek can't control Hartnell. The D needs some help if it's going to survive the playoffs.

-Pleks laying the body like a big guy.

-Subban with the Spinnerama! We got ourselves a player, ladies and gents, even if he sometimes needs to be reminded he's last man back. Incidentally, a second-round pick. Remember that, Gauthier.

-Lapierre seems to have actually found himself a Harry Potter invisibility cloak. I thought it was just a story.

-Gomez and O'Byrne would both be benched for idiotic penalties if they were rookies.

-You know who's got worse clothes than Jacques Martin? Perry Pearn. I think Martin hires him everywhere he goes so he'll look better standing next to him.

-What a crap goal. Habs had been competing up until then. I don't like Price's body language though. He's shaking his head and muttering. I don't blame him, but he's got to shake it off.


Anonymous said...

Pierre Gauthier said today that he still has 16 months to get a second round pick, back.

Anonymous said...

can you find out why SK never gets PP time?

dysty said...

Pearn, Martin and Gauthier all have a history together. All three have to go.

The Habs are outmanned, the Flyers have four balanced lines and a good coach. With all the injuries the Habs just can't keep up. Gotta love them for trying though.

Only bright spot is Subban who looks really good. As for Price, that second goal just killed the Habs. I say trade him if possible. He may be good five years from now but the Habs could be much better without him for those five years. Also, they'll probably lose him thru free agency if he ever gets good.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you are getting on Carey. Has Michael Leighton suddenly become Marty Brodeur? SOG are 23 /13. Yes, goal # 2 was soft but the Habs are stinking up the joint and leaving Carey to himself. Maybe that soft goal affects the team....maybe, but with Halak in nets we still wont be winning if we can't score. When the most exciting player on the ice is PK Subban we've got bigger issues than Carey Price. The score could be much higher if he hadn't made some pretty good saves.

Anonymous said...

Dysty, your logic (or lack of it) makes no sense. Based on what you just said we should get rid of everyone because they MIGHT become good one day and we'll probably lose them to free agency anyway if they do!! I don't even know how to tell you how much that makes no sense. If you feel Carey should go that's fine but your reasoning is a little off.

Paul B. said...

People are way too hard on Price. The second goal was a soft one but he also made numerous very good saves but nobody seems to notice.

I thought it was a good idea to send Price tonight as we nevertheless stand a much better chance to win at home with Jaro, tomorrow.

It certainly wasn't a great game for Plekanec, Sergei, Spacek, Darche a few others. Subban and to some extent Moore didn't look bad at all.

I suppose P.K. will go back to Hamilton for themOlympics but he should be back, very soon.

Am I the only on the think that there were two set of rules for the referees, tonight ? A different one for each team.

dusty said...

Can't belive the fans booing Spacek for being injured, not to mention Hartnall pumping his fists at after beating an injury decimated Hab team 3-2. Great to see the Habs fighting at the end. Can't picture last year's club doing that. Hope the Habs can beat the Flyers tomorrow. I'm optimistic.

Unknown said...

I really think that if O'Byrne or Moen, and maybe Moore, are at the first puck drop at tmrw's game, we are starting off with a scrap. I can guarantee that if Carbo was coaching, not too sure if Martin will allow it though.

Number31 said...

Body language? You mean after he chewed the ref out for his being harpooned into the net and then muttering to himself what a moron the guy is? I can think of a thousand other bad body languages on the ice not coming from the pissed off goalie. Namely players deciding to wait until the 3rd period to MAYBE start attacking the other net with 40 minutes of skating around and doing f-all. All I saw in that span was Price vs the Flyers sprinkled with some glorious PK Subban work. If only we had more of him eh?

Anonymous said...

Body language? Soft goals? Sounds like JT has bought into the HIO and RDS BS Price controversy. Price's body language was pretty good when he batted a puck away with his stick and made many wicked saves. There was one goal that could be seen as soft, the 2nd one. How about Plek's body language? Or O'B's? Because they just plain sucked last night. But let's focus on Price and his "body language". The kid can't fart without someone making an issue out of it.

Unknown said...

*Completely* agree with your comment on Subban. And I hope they don't trade him for some rental, too. Did you catch his interview on RDS between periods? He's got his head on straight. A definite keeper.