Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pens vs. 'Dogs - Just Hold On Edition

Notes on the third:

-Too funny...Gill lost his stick and Desharnais donated his to the cause. Gill looked like he was holding a pencil.

-Winning faceoffs makes such a huge difference. So does forechecking and winning the puck along the boards. Amazing.

-I don't know what he did in Tampa, but I'm pretty sure Darche just had the game of his life.

-For all the undrafted free agents Brian Burke bragged about getting, the one he missed was Brock Trotter. Thirty teams wanted him and Gainey got him.

-From now on, nobody should be allowed to play for the Canadiens unless they're first trained by Guy Boucher.

-CBC's Hughson: "Brian Gionta has a pair." Yes, Jim, indeed he does. A big, clanking brass pair.

-Red shirts were on the puck first all game long. If they'd only done that all year...

-Stupid Bell Centre fans started singing goodbye with more than five minutes to go against the Cup champs. The ushers should be allowed to tranq anyone who does that.

-Price on the bench looks like he's thinking, "Well, I guess I'm not playing tomorrow either." Hang in there kid. You'll get another shot.

-What a game!

Notes on the second:

-SK on the PK!

-If only Darche didn't have such a bad case of Higginsitis. The unfulfilled chances he's had have been just glorious.

-Gionta has more guts than a butcher shop.

-The fourth line is drawing penalties like Picasso drew lopsided faces.

-Spacek is making me dread the last two years of his contract. I hope the Olympic break gives him a second wind.

-Ah Jaro! He can't let those in when everything's going in his team's favour. I really think he doesn't play as well when he's not getting bombarded.

-It'd be really nice to see the kids pot one in the third. If the Habs pull this off, it's because of them.

Notes on the first:

-When I think of the Habs injury situation this year, I think of junior high science, when we learned the difference between "saturated" and "super-saturated." I think we've achieved the latter.

-If the NHL is supposed to separate the men from the boys, I see a lot of Bulldog boys becoming men today.

-You wander, you pay the price, Fleury. Pads don't make you sacrosanct.

-Wild start. Would have been nice if Markov could have controlled Dupuis better.

-Darche is taking first-line duties seriously. He's a man on a mission.

-The ice must be awful. They're falling like rain.

-Desharnais might be five-foot nothing, but he plays bigger than Gill.

-Speaking of whom, that one shift Desharnais played with Gionta must have set a record for shortest line in NHL history.

-Habs had more chances than an apologetic drunk. The no goals thing is going to come back to sober them up pretty quickly though.


Shan said...

re: 1st- they're skating! they're forechecking! and the PK looked good!

Paul B. said...

After only one period of play, I think I wouldn't mind if our fourth line became our third line.

Boucher is most certainly doing something very well.

Olivier said...

Paul: our 4th *is* our 3rd. Just watch who will be benched when Martin cuts his bench in the 3rd.

Shan: I think they laced the city's water plant with LSD. Its the only rational explanation.

Anonymous said...

hey homy,
maybe you've talked about this before, but I didn't read it if you did: somebody has to tell those fuckin newbees,retarded fans what the song na-na-na-hey-hey-hey... means... Mtl fans are supposed to know hockey. These days, it just seems they're enjoy it as a drinking game...

Anonymous said...

What is going on????????
I'm happy like little kid.

Larry said...

Hang in there indeed for Price. I think this is good for him. Takes off some of the pressure and should motivate him. His attitude though all this appears pretty good

Anonymous said...

Manu, people go to watch a hockey game, which is basic ENTERTAINMENT...they pay big bucks to do so on a Saturday night. They, in my humble opinion, could be standing in the stands singing "La Cucaracha" for 60 minutes and it would be okay... especially if you defeat the Stanley Cup Champions on a Saturday Hockey Game. Go Habs Go!

Anonymous said...

I never heard those "na-na-na- goobye" chants. All I heard was "ohe ohe ohe" or whatever it is, which has a very different meaning ?

DB said...

What are the odds that Martin will go on the IR with a severe brain cramp and that Boucher will be called up to replace him?

That's the way hockey should be played. A good aggressive forecheck, go to the net, and clear your zone quickly. Why did it take the Dogs to get the team playing that way and will they be able to keep it up? Guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Play with heart and you will win ANY hockey game...basic lesson.

dusty said...

My favourite game of the year! What a great idea putting all the Bulldogs together. The fourth line looked like the third line to me. Boy were they fun to watch. My favourite play - White fighting Guerin and getting the takedown. Maybe the future isn't as bleak as I've been thinking.

moeman said...

Bring on da Bs.

spyro367 said...

Wow that fourth line looked like a second line all night long in my opinion

Raphaƫl P. said...

Awesome performance. I loved the way the kids played.

At one point I noticed the whole Dog line was forechecking.

Man, IMO the next move from hamilton should be Boucher for Martin. They were smokin'