Monday, October 25, 2010

Coyotes vs. Habs - Py Squared Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-Gill makes a better door than a window. If you're going to clear the guy out of the crease, Skillsie, then get your own giant carcass out of the way.

-Gomez isn't very smart a lot of the time. He passes in traffic more often than a drunk driver.

-Gorges' penalty looked more like modern dance.

-It's kind of maddening to have to work this hard to beat a team the Habs are partially paying to keep afloat.

-If neither Pyatt scores, the parents can keep pretending they love them equally.

-Belanger burned Subban like an ant under a magnifying glass.

-Gorges is going to surprise a lot of people when he doesn't have to babysit Gill anymore.

-Kostitsyn is hotter than that Victoria's Secret diamond bra. Amazing!

Notes on the second:

-Nope, no new mask for Price. Had a funny view of it in the first.

-This feels so much like Tuesday, I'm going to be bitter tomorrow.

-Lapierre's "watching closely" version of defence blew Price's shutout. What happened to "playoff Lappy" anyway?

-If Gionta thought there was a hope in hell of Pyatt cashing that two-on-one, the Pie parents would have seen one of their kids score a beauty.

-Pleks and Kostitsyn continue to rock and/or roll.

-Spacek stinks worse than year-old eggs wrapped in dirty socks.

-And Cammalleri with the PP rocket! Finally. The thing was as barren as a 79-year-old nun.

-Every once in a while I only see the "7" on a defenceman's back and I think, "Wow, look at Hal Gill go!"

-Moen skates like he's on the deck of a ship at the 200-mile limit.

-After the total defensive collapse on the 'Yotes goal, with Lapierre, Pouliot and Picard out against the Phoenix first line, it's unforgivable that Martin should have that same combination out there again and again. It has lead to trouble every time, and if he keeps it up, it'll cost him.

Notes on the first:

-Is Price wearing *another* new mask? The boy is a hockey fashionista.

-Markov is not going to fix the PP all by himself. That's like asking Emeril to cater lunchtime at the zoo.

-Pleks line looks great again. It appears they're the only ones who took the "puck possession" course at Martin's summer hockey school.

-Bryzgalov is giving a good demonstration of how a good goalie can make an average team competitive. He makes it hard to beat them every night.

-Eller's just tantalizing. He's going to be impressive when he gets some linemates.

-Not much Pie on Pie action so far.

-Andrei Kostitsyn is a new player this year. I wonder where he hid the corpse of the old one?

-Twice in that period Picard allowed a scoring chance by chasing the puck instead of taking his man. This is why he doesn't stick in the NHL.

-Looks like Price got that lovin' feelin' on Saturday night, and he likes it. Eleven very nice saves for him so far.


Anonymous said...

Andrei sent it to nashville with S.Kos.

Anvilcloud said...

"Belanger burned Subban like an ant under a magnifying glass."

Great. Do you have a store of these metaphors, or do you just make them up on the spot?

Anonymous said...

Eller rewards JM's confidence with his first point as a Hab and it leads to an OT win. He looks real good when his linemates can skate.

Poor Gill can poke and stick check and block shots with the best of them but handle the puck not so much. So many times he gets a pass and promptly gives it away.

Subban on the other hand looks like the best defenseman on the team. No wonder Don Cherry hates him.

All in all a nice team win against a pretty good team.

Mike said...

Pouliot has to go...

moeman said...

"-Not much Pie on Pie action so far.

Comment of the night and I am also copyrighting PieonPie for my new blog name.