Thursday, October 21, 2010

Devils vs.Habs - Anybody Got a Brodeur-Sized Stake? Edition

Notes on the third:

-This game has sucked so badly, James Wisniewski should be doing closed-captioning for the hearing impaired.

-Must be a nice change for Carbo to be the guy wisely saying what's wrong with the team, instead of the one blankly shaking his head when asked that question.

-Didn't this happen last year too...the Habs start out okay, then have a huge multi-day layoff and suck afterwards? Very clever, Bettman.

-It's always so amusing to watch the new kids pass into the slot, actually expecting a teammate to be there.

-Has Spacek taken a shot yet this year that didn't hit a shinpad? And, yes, that's a rhetorical question.

-Matt Taormina. Sigh. Carey Price is doing a very credible impression of a colander tonight.

-Price with three goals allowed on 15 shots isn't remotely good enough. Neither is the rest of the team with zero goals on 22.

-Eight and a half minutes to go, but I'm done. The only question at this point is whether Fatty gets another Devils-hockey, uninspired shutout. I'll check and see in the morning.

Notes on the second:

-I think Fatty "helped" on that interference call on Gionta. Anything for an old teammate, right Marty, you doughnut gobbler?

-Price is taking all this "high glove" stuff seriously. Nice rob on Kovalchuk, with a little razzle-dazzle to dress it up a bit.

-Cammalleri looks like he hitched a ride in a Delorean recently. His timing is just slightly out of this game. Maybe someone needs to shock his flux capacitor.

-I wonder, if the Habs tried sleep-indoctrination therapy, would the offence improve? "You love going to the net. You MUST go to the front of the net. You WILL go to the front of the net..."

-AK has gone back to falling down. A lot.

-Why's everyone so mad the Habs aren't getting the calls? Oh...right. They're expecting the PP to score. That's cute.

-Halpern will be a really valuable playoff guy, if the Habs get that far.

-Sigh. Another Devils goal. According to the Book of Fatty, that's the game right there.

-Saved by the ref. Neither he nor Price had any clue where the puck was.

-Another interference call on Gionta? Nobody can tell me Fatty's not doing that on purpose.

-Delay of game AGAIN. My kingdom for a defenceman who doesn't panic and flip the puck out like that. Well, okay, my library card. It's probably more valuable than my kingdom.

-Another wretched, Devils period. They're not named after Satan for nothing.

Notes on the first:

-I wonder who Lou hired to give Rolston a "sports hernia" so they could ice a full lineup?

-If only Gill could just be horizontal more often. He's great at that. It's when he's vertical with a puck on his stick that there's a problem.

-I fear Pyatt with Gomez and Gionta is just multiplying by zero. Time to let Pouliot have a real shot there. Or Eller. Or anyone else with a chance of scoring.

-Clarkson's definitely got longer arms than Moen, but Moen's fists are sharper.

-Parise's picking up the Habs-killer torch from Fatty in the Devils' net. He hurts them every time.

-Price just HAS to allow one fluke/weird/unlucky goal in every single game. Makes you wonder if he's got to make a nightly sacrifice to the hockey gods or something.

-I'm still waiting for a Hab who used to play for the opponent to go nuts on his former team. Ex-Habs do that all the time.

-Hate seeing Robinson with the Devils. It's like sauerkraut fudge.

-I always wondered why anyone bothered with the term "puck possession team." After all, what team *wouldn't* want to possess the puck? These two teams have now answered that question.

-When Gill completes a 360 with stick extended, he actually covers 49% of the available ice surface.

-Spacek has to, as my grandfather used to say, be good or be gone.

-How we know Eller will be good: He keeps going. He's not a guy who takes a shot and peels off. Keeping going will get him some goals.

-When PK Subban is invisible, it's not a good thing. I'm not sure I like how the coaches are handling him.

-Choppy, boring period...the hockey equivalent of splitting wood for twenty minutes.


Anonymous said...

Spacek is awful. Sometimes a player loses too much over an off season and cant get it back.

Eller is playing well. The goals will come.

Agree on PK. What the heck is Martin doing with him? He looked better in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Have the Habs had a scoring chance? They look awful. Poor Gionta is trying so hard, hope the Habs get at least one.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Price didn't hold the post on the first goal. The Devils got a huge lift in a game they were ready to lose playing three defensemen with less than 25 NHL games between them. Amazing how weak the Habs forwards can be even when they are trying. Instead of looking for a winger for Gomez and Gionta, maybe it's time to break them up and try something else.

MC said...

James Wisniewski doing closed captioning, ROTFLMAO! He has all the signs he needed for that game.

Anonymous said...

The ref helped the devils a lot. Those two interference calls on Brodeur were bad, especially the first. HAbs looked flat, Martin continues his calm stoic approach which I friggin' hate. Pretty invisible team tonight, glad they didn't boo price.

Anonymous said...

Please answer this question?
Why does Jack the knife looking for a winger for the Gomez-Gionta duo? Shouldnt he be looking for a center for Pouliot and Gionta? there is your problem. Next time a GM wants to trow money by the window like that, I sure hope I'm under the aforemention window.
I would like to see either Eller with Gio and Pouliot or our man might be Boyd...or give a chance to Desharnais, he certainly wouldnt be worse then Gomez.
Love your work, keep it up.

Ian said...

So damned frustrating. Forgetting the playoff run when you actually FELT that they could do something when they had to, this is like many games last year where I watched without confidence that we could actually score a goal when needed. Down 1-0, my faith was all but gone, left only with hope, that was so quickly dashed. The team looks a lot better on paper than it produces on the ice. We can't score! Period. You can't win many games scoring ZERO goals. The playoff run is over. There's too much scoring talent (or maybe I'm wrong with that assumption) to not be scoring more. I'm so damned frustrated. Vent over.