Friday, October 29, 2010

Habs vs. Isles - Ye Auld Goalie Edition

Notes on the third:

-This is not a team that looks like it's really worried about winning this one.

-Now would be a really good time for Eller to get his first Habs goal.

-Pouliot on the board! Credit to Subban for the airborne assist.

-Cammalleri's just not on. No way he misses that cigarette-girl service on the Pleks feed if he's on his game.

-Moen's post-goal reaction: "What? Where?"

-He's big, he's bald, he helped when called!

-Nice win against a rising, fast young team. Even though the Habs didn't really look into this one, they pulled it off. That's what good teams do. And, you know what? We've got a good team.

Notes on the second:

-Alex Auld's head is sort of shaped like E.T.'s.

-Okay, the PP is back to its rightful level of suckage.

-Unbelievable! Isles get an end-of-penalty breakaway because Pouliot FALLS DOWN! How many bloody times has that man fallen for absolutely no reason? Either they're sabotaging his skates, or there's something seriously wrong with his balance.

-It's definitely close to Halloween. Gill got nailed by a phantom there.

-Someone needs to explain to Chris F'ing Lee that checking a guy who's got the puck while on the PK is NOT interference! Nice kill on the 5-on-3 anyway.

-How nice! The Habs are once again contributing to the "Provide a guy's first NHL goal" fund. Spacek brutal on that.

-Gomez might be the worst use of seven million bucks since the time the Liberals sent out free Canadian flags to fight the separatists.

-Completely lame sequence to end the period. Confusion in the zone and Gill fighting like he's trying to find his way through a maze in the dark. At least he was doing it to defend AK.

Notes on the first:

-With the Winking Roy on his mask, Auld could become a favourite backup.

-Picard looks good early this season. I wonder if he's been an O'Byrne in the past: a guy with potential and no confidence until now?

-Pleky's backhand is sweet and cool as iced tea. The PP must be up to 6% efficiency by now!

-Well, we know Chris Lee has to ref SOME Habs games. Might as well be the Islanders in October. That's one less time we'll see him in March.

-I know Martin believes in not changing the luck, so he keeps a winning lineup intact. Poor Justin Boyd must be wondering if anyone remembers his name.

-This is the night when Gomez and Gionta finally do something important! (Maybe. We hope. It's gotta happen, right?)

-He's big, he's bald, he John Tavares stalled.

-It almost defies the laws of physics that a guy the size and weight of Hal Gill shoots the puck like his own grandma. It's like loading a piece of heavy artillery with balloons.

-The PK's clicking like a safecracker.

-Right now, if I had to pick which D would sit tomorrow when Markov's back, I'd pick Spacek. He's the worst of the current six, and has been since the pre-season.

-Nice, controlled period. Now they need to build on the lead and protect Auld.


Anvilcloud said...

"-Gomez might be the worst use of seven million bucks since the time the Liberals sent out free Canadian flags to fight the separatists."

I'm still waiting for mine. Sheila Copps, where are you?

Anvilcloud said...

I think this is a pretty good team although the second period was like last year at its worst.

Raphaƫl P. said...

@Anvil, I actually got mine after obtaining my citizenship from the lady herself.

That said, nice read, as always; thanks Mrs. Power!

pfhabs said...


-you get rid of Gomer and I'll send you my flag from Sheila..even dry clean it for ya

Anonymous said...

I'm a separatist by heart...It will never happenned anyway and I never actually saw people with these flags in QC, at least not near Riviere du Loup!!!!

Your right spacek needs to get X tonight, but knowing Martin and his love for veteran ( read here Gomez still paired with Gionta on the 2nd even if he's useless) he will keep Spacek in and let Picard lose the rest of his self-estime...