Saturday, October 23, 2010

Habs vs. Sens - Parliamentary Edition

Notes on the third:

-It's kind of sad how the CBC announcers sound depressed about Ottawa's performance.

-Martin's tie tonight looks like a collection of those claw-game aliens in Toy Story.

-The announcers sound sad, but the Habs-themed crowd is thrilled. Ottawa is SO not an NHL city.

-CBC commentary: "Habs can't get it out, but Ottawa can't get it in." Sounds like a meeting of spinsters to me.

-The only reason why Foligno ended up on top of Subban is because PK was on one knee at the time.

-Andrei Kostitsyn is going to be having the best vodka tonight.

-Price has never been a shutout goalie, but his posts and teammates, as well as his own skill, gave him a precious gift tonight. Go Carey!

Notes on the second:

-If I could pick one Senator for the Habs, I'd pick Fisher. He's exactly what the Canadiens need. Plus, his wife would take media attention away from Price.

-Gill's a great team guy and a second goalie on the 5-on-3. But when the verb most often used to describe his skating is "lumbers," you know it's not a good sign.

-Short-handed two-on-one! Habs rush in! Plekanec makes a perfect pass to...Travis Moen. Sigh.

-Poor, poor Eller. Makes a fantastic move to gain the zone, looks around and everyone else is a mile behind him. Martin, if you ever had a human emotion, get this kid some linemates.

-I have a feeling this team is not going to score a ton of goals, despite the talent. I don't want to jump on the hair-pulling Boucher bandwagon, but I think they might score more with a different coach. Again, sigh.

-Okay, so we've now learned Halpern can't fight. Welcome to the Habs, Jeff. You fit right in.

-You know when we'll know AK has arrived? When he shaves his head and admits he's freakin' bald.

-Pouliot's backhand was sweet as the bass player. (Obscure Kids in the Hall reference for you fans). Finally!!

-The Senators are AK's bitch. Thankfully, because the Habs have been Alfredsson's for years.

-Yes! Another dominating period. One more guys. Marty's almost retired in my mind.

Notes on the first:

-Nice lively start. Habs look like they've got live goldfish in their pants.

-Gill's SUCH a liability on offence. If we added up the time the Habs spend hemmed in their own zone, there'd be a very high percentage of it due to Gill mishandling the puck.

-I'm rooting harder for Eller to score than I am that all the copies of "Score: A Hockey Musical" spontaneously combust.

-Subban pulled a "Top Gun"...just hit the brakes and they'll fly right by. That led to the goal.

-Speaking of which, Kostitsyn's shot is harder than Gorges' head.

-Lapierre's head thinks he's a great hockey player sometimes, but his body betrays him.

-Habs look shocked by the no-goal and lost focus for a while.

-Plekanec decided to save the PP from further embarrassment and turn it into a 4-on-4.

-Nice, dominant period. Two more like that and I might start to forget about Brodeur.


Paul B. said...

Last week, the Vatican canonized Brother André (the first French Canadian saint).

If he keeps playing like this, perhaps someday we'll have Saint Brother Andrei ???

DB said...

The third period should have been sponsored by Glidden - it was typical "watching paint dry" Martin hockey.

Maybe the announcers were sad because they were in Ottawa

Anonymous said...

I have the NHL Center Ice package so I never get to hear a Canadiens announcer since CBC doesn't have a Montreal english feed. It's funny how you noticed the melancholy in Dean Brown's voice. It's both hilarious and disgusting at the same time. Did you also note how excited he was when Foligno kicked the puck in? I almost puked.

Was watching a bit of the Devils game and didn't hear Kovalchuk's name for a couple of shifts and then I heard the play by play guy say he was a healthy scratch. A 100 million dollar healthy scratch? How long is the new coach going to last before Lou is back behind the bench?

Ian said...

The boys do it again. They throw a frustrating stinker against the Devils, then come back with a great team performance. Which team is going to show up for the next game?

So nice to see Benoit get a goal. Hopes this gets him going. We could sure use more scoring.

Dogs are on CBC at 1:00 today. A good chance for everyone to see our future talent in a real game.