Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Isles vs.Habs - Home and Home Edition

Notes on the third:

-The PK is not winning tons of laurels tonight. Brutal to leave Tavares alone like that.

-Cammy's not gonna miss that breakaway when he's at his best.

-Habs look like they've lost some certainty in their game after that quick goal. Isles getting through the D much easier than in the second.

-It's neat to see Gionta's little tricks for compensating for his lack of size. He passes the puck to himself on the boards to avoid getting stripped when he takes a check.

-Pouliot is so discouraged by his failure to score, even his penalty shot was halfhearted.

-Crappy goalie interference call on the Isles. At least it's equal-opportunity lousy reffing.

-I kind of like how a lot of goalies are wearing masks with pictures of their team's old-time 'tenders on them.

-Isles are going to be a really good team in a couple of seasons. They've got a lot of skill and a good PP even without Streit.

-If Spacek can no longer skate with the young'uns, he's GOT to be able to clear the crease.

-Kostitsyn can pick a corner like a pool shark. Even not looking.

-Nice win, but the defence has to get better at clearing the screen away on those Wiz blasts for the rematch.

Notes on the second:

-Eller's got more moves than a harem dancer.

-Gomez is playing with fear. He's consistently giving up the puck to avoid a hit. It's still early for him though.

-Pleky's got an exuberant new goal celebration going. It came with the contract.

-Moen's not really that physical in a good way. He's just making dumb, risky hits that put his team down a man.

-You know what gives me nightmares? Price, Gorges and Plekanec for Vinny.

-Moen vs. Konopka: Round and round they go...

-Is it wrong that when Price went to the bench on the delayed penalty call, I looked around to make sure O'Byrne wasn't there?

-Somebody needs to check Pouliot's inner ear. No healthy person falls down that much.

-Pierre McGuire homoerotic comment of the period: "Gorges went to the foreign side. He's not used to going there."

-Runner up: "How about experimenting with Hal Gill down low?"

-Excellent period of hockey. One more, boys.

Notes on the first:

-Price shut Tavares down like Super Nanny on a back-talking toddler.

-Subban bombed the post!

-Pierre McGuire's homoerotic comment of the period: "Johnny Tavares used to live with Doug Weight, but now they've broken up..."

-Lapierre with the extenda-shift and the brutal giveaway as he's going off late. He really isn't the same guy we saw in the playoffs.

-Moen defeats his own purpose. He's on the second line to provide size and can't handle the puck when he wins it.

-It doesn't matter what Price's SV% ends up being tonight. Plekanec's is perfect.

-Subban killed the turkey, plucked it, stuffed it and baked it. All Darche had to do was add the parsley and serve it up.

-This game is faster than takeoff.

-No problem with Subban's defence tonight. He's been stellar.

-Moen just kept his stick on the ice on that shorty. Plekanec is a genius.

-It sucks when the guy who suckered you into a dumb penalty scores on the PP.

-This is the kind of game that could change direction very quickly. Hope the Habs stay on top of it.


Pete from NS said...

I don't know...McGuire comment on how the Habs could have used "Cammalleri's hot stick" against Toronto was pretty bad.....

Peter from NS said...

I really like the tenacity tonight, a few penalties that come with the exuberance of competition. I always feel better when we are skating hard and working to win 50/50 pucks. I feel really good about the last 2 periods.

The usual PP gripes will work itself out. Love the shot attempts tonight though. Subban is firing at will.

DKerr said...


The original line belongs to the late Dan Kelly "that Naslund has more moves than a belly dancer". If Eller turns out as well as Mats did, we should jump for joy!

moeman said...

Gonna keep it simple.

I ♥ J.T.

Lmayo said...

Price was hot in the 1st and second (numerous good saves) to a very quiet third (no notable saves) but he wasn't shaky at all or ever in trouble. This is where he is different this year. Gomez is not consistent while real leader Plekanec is consistently good and amazing (even Lapierre too slow for Plekky on what should have been sure goal in 2nd) Gomez is not able to handle hot passes and gives pucks away - leading to Tavares scoring chance; big difference between the two. TSN analysts have serious man-crush on Doug Weight. Get over him! But in the end, at least JM called for a time out (his lone contribution I think).

Anonymous said...

Not a rhetorical question: why do coaches give time outs?


J.T. said...

@anon: Coaches use time outs for a lot of reasons. If the team is ahead late in a close game and the best defensive players are tired, he may call a time out to give them a rest. If he's behind, he may want a time out to make sure his best scorers are ready to push for a tying goal. If a team has given up a couple of quick goals, he may call a time out to give the players a chance to regroup. Basically, a time out lets the coach stall for whatever reason he needs.

J.T. said...

@DKerr: I loved the Little Viking. If Eller's half the player Mats was, we'll be laughing.