Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bs vs. Habs - Kill the Streak Edition

Notes on the third:

-You can't help thinking the 4-3 goal is inevitable. Everything is just so bouncy.

-Oh, Pleky. If the puck had been flat, he would have had the wing goal.

-Ha! Lucic hit Kostitsyn and just fell as though he'd hit a brick wall. AK just looked around as though to say, "What? Did someone touch me?"

-BS call late in the third and predictably, the Bs make it 4-3. Lucic with his ass in front of Price and once again earning his pay. OT feels inevitable.

-Good holding them off. I hate Milbury.

Notes on the second:

-Habs start off looking like a swarm of red hornets in the Bs zone.

-It'd be great for Eller's dad to see him score an NHL goal tonight.

-Add to the list of things the Habs do better this year than last: shoot the puck and send the Ds to challenge the rush at the blueline.

-I really wish Price would wear a better neck protector. He looks so very vulnerable.

-Thomas is standing on his little round head tonight. Habs should be laughing by now.

-Wish the CBC sound was still off. The Savard goal has Cole so excited he's going to have an "accident."

-Spacek's reluctance to get hit is reason enough to have Weber in the lineup at this point. Brutal.

-Hamrlik is older than Methusela, but he's still a warrior.

-Cammy could be on Battle of the Blades with that dramatic wind-up to his fight. He gets the nod though. They both bled, but Cammy ended up on top of the pile and got the last three shots in.

-Price is handling the puck like Cassanova handled virgins.

-Pacioretty might be finally turning into the guy Timmins drafted. Great pass across to Gionta.

-Questionable call on Darche by jumpy refs looking for head shots. I thought that was okay.

-Nice to get out of the period with the two-goal lead. Now to get one more in the third.

Notes on the first:

-Cammalleri had more moves on the penalty shot than Josephine Baker in Black Venus. Amazing shot.

-These two teams trying to get the puck off the boards is like an armwrestling championship...frozen in limbo.

-I think Martin's ties are made of that special stuff modern spies use so they can't be photographed.

-Pouliot is finding a new gear tonight. Looking great.

-Lapierre must have felt the noose tightening. Pyatt wouldn't be out forever if Lapierre didn't score soon.

-Oh, this is awesome! CBC lost the Cole feed for a few seconds and all you could hear was rink.

-What baffles me about Gill is that he was apparently an All-American quarterback. How can a guy who can obviously make great passes on the football field completely lose that ability when he's on ice? I asked my non-hockey watching spouse that question. He said it's because on the ice, Gill doesn't have "ten big fat guys tackling everyone who wants to get in his way."

-The Habs are faster than speed tonight.

-Really not liking the kind of goals Price is allowing in the last couple of games. They're not necessarily his fault, but they're spookily reminiscent of the kind of bad luck that's haunted him in the past.

-Subban, when he gets a permanent nickname will be something involving a reference to a transport truck. He hits like one, as Marchand now knows.

-Pacioretty! This is a different player than the one we saw in Montrela before.

-Ugh. Good thing Cammalleri can score, because he's lousy on the boards.

-Great period. They need two more to send them off on the road trip the right way.


Anonymous said...

Picard produces more turnovers than Pillsbury. Meanwhile Rhino Burn and his plus 12 in Colorado was not worthy of Count Chocula's confidence. I no understand.

Anonymous said...

Glen Healey is the biggest knob followed closely by Milbury and then Ron (the poet ).I can't listen to Bob (where am I ) Cole. Why don't they put him out of our misery !!Sorry for the rant !
Cammi must have taken fighting lessons from Lapiere or Spacek -brutal.

DB said...

Should Subban's hit be called a Subboom?

Based on their first names and Gomez's sarcastic nature how about calling Gomez's line MAXimum BS?

moeman said...

Some fun and funny comment J.T. You are a treasure. Speaking of treasures, mad mike should be buried. bob cold already is, he just doesn't know it. (No disrespect to NLers).

Anonymous said...

Subban and Lapierre refuse to fight so Cammalleri has to risk a broken hand for them. Brutal. Also brutal is Spacek playing 24+ minutes. This can't continue. Play Subban and Weber 20 minutes on the road trip or Spacek and Hammer will not finish the season in one piece.

On a positive note, Max Pac looks good and the Habs held on for a change.

Anonymous said...

J.T. Excellent comment on Price..the bad "puck luck" he had last year seems to be creeping back in lately. Carey's been absolutely fantastic up to now. This will be Carey's first real test this season..hopefully it doesnt get into his head...we are about to see if his "transformation" is for real. I have always been a big Carey fan and hopefully his determination and confidence that he gained from last year to this year will see him through this little rough patch. It was going to happen sooner or later. Thank goodness the team in front of him is giving him more goal support this season.

Paul B. said...

Is "Pacioready" for real ?

Anonymous said...

How can a man like Mad Mike Milbury can get a spot as an analyst and have any credibility for all the destroying he did in NY...

I wished that PJ stock would have clean is clock when he was calling tha Habs for not fighting...

Anonymous said...

I've been anonymous too long and post too many times to remain so.

Here is my take:

I LOVE the Habs and have for decades.

1)I'm a big Subban fan like most of you and see a big future for him, like most of you if he tweaks a few things here and there. He's a kid, right? However, as a woman, as a Mom, as a human being, I did not like his hit on Marchand, legal or not. That kind of hit should not be allowed. This is not a criticism against Subban alone, others have done it too. Watching a guy go straight for the bench bent in two just gives me a sick feeling in the gut. This is the NHL, not UFC, no?

2) Milbury: He's an idiot and so is Cherry and maybe Stock too, but we all know the colours they wear and wore for years, so no really big surprise, right? I don't get why Habs fans get so sensitive anytime someone goes against our players. They are entitled to favor a team. All sports commentators do, nothing new here people. Honestly, I think you all give the likes of Cherry and Milbury way too much power by REACTING to them and play right in the hands of CBC. I was at HIO and how many fans could not wait to hear what Cherry has to say tonight about Subban's hit?! You say he's an idiot but you really DO care about what he thinks! What??