Thursday, December 2, 2010

Habs vs. Devils - Them Again Edition

Notes on the third:

-I don't love the Ole song, but hearing it New Jersey is sweet.

-Crap. I wanted the shutout for Price, but you could see that play developing a mile away.

-Gomez should get the Benoit Brunet Memorial Trophy for missing the most open nets in a season.

-It's nice that there's always an extra Hab there to clear the puck out of danger.

-Great game. See? They can beat anyone when they all decide to work for it.

Notes on the second:

-Weber's making some nice defensive plays. Uh oh! Defence controversy!

-Nice for Pyatt's hard work to finally pay off. This year, he's the best player involved in the Gomez trade.

-Speaking of Gomez, he finally finished something. It must feel like Tolstoy when he put the pen down after War and Peace.

-Pouliot! And he stayed on his feet!

-Martin must be ready to spit nails at the two-for-one dumbass penalties. Beautiful kill though.

-I swear I heard Kostitsyn think when he decided not to cross the blueline and put himself offside.

-Good period. Highly entertaining to hear the Devils crowd boo their own team.

Notes on the first:

-How cute! There are two little Giontas.

-Well, okay, if they want to score a goal a minute, we'll take it! Gio's showing mom and dad why he's the gifted one.

-Eller's going to be such a good player. The best thing about him is that he never thinks he's too good for the third line because he was a first-round pick.

-Poor Pleks...he says he doesn't understand why he can score on spontaneous breakaways, but never on planned ones. He figures he has too much time to think.

-I like how Weber's feet are always moving.

-Hammer covered up for Price like a quilt on a four-poster.

-Hal Gill's ten-foot stick is reason enough to sign him for another year.

-Way too much deep pinching going on by the Habs' D.

-Not a bad period, but it would have been nice to see the early intensity carried through the whole 20. They need to keep the speed going.


Pete from NS said...

Leigh Anne's McGuire'esque comment of the evening:

"Hal Gill's ten-foot stick is reason enough to sign him for another year."

Anonymous said...

Anyone getting rly worried about Toronto sucking so hard and boston getting another great pick?

Humberto said...

Man, this was the least boring vs Devils game i've seen in two years