Saturday, December 11, 2010

Habs vs. leafs - Waffles Anyone? Edition

Notes on the third:

-Martin's looking like his brain hurts on the Hamrlik penalty.

-Pouliot handles the puck like Faberge handled eggs.

-A powerplay! I thought they didn't apply to the Habs.

-Subban has got to shorten the windup on his point shot. He might as well hire a singing telegram to announce it.

-Halfway through the period, I'd take the loser point. It's better than pointlessly losing.

-If Lapierre had hands he'd be a superstar.

-One good sign is that they seem to shift to desperation gear earlier in a losing cause than they did last year. Now it happens with about eight minutes to go, where last year it was more like a minute.

-Wish we could have last night's Pouliot bullet tonight. I'd rather get shut out by the Wings than lose to the leafs.

-This team has a serious scoring problem. There's too much talent on the roster to not be able to scrape up two goals against the leafs. There's an issue here.

-With Spacek out along with Markov, there's also a serious stability problem on D. This could turn into a slump.

-WHY does Martin keep pulling the goalie? Yeah, it's in the coach's manual of things you should do when down a goal, but when you're talking about a team that can't score on the PP, what sense does it make?

-They should have played Desharnais. I wanted waffles.

Notes on the second:

-Subban appears to have suffered a setback in the confidence department.

-The Habs are just giving the impression that they don't give a damn about this game. While it's true the leafs are a lottery team again, that's just not a professional attitude.

-A little more life when the Eller line is out there, but Subban/Picard are getting killed.

-The Jacques the Knife roulette wheel of line creation is spinning wildly.

-Eller's played with so many linemates it's like speed dating.

-It's kind of funny that on a leaf rush, as the camera pans down the rink, Gill's stick appears in the frame a full second before he does.

-Moen removed the visor after nearly losing an eye last year. This is not a member of Mensa.

-Finally. The Pleks/Cammy/AK line is back together.

-It lives! Cammalleri can shoot like a bazooka when he gets a chance.

-Gorges laid out Phaneuf like an undertaker.

-Finally, signs of the Habs we recognize.

-Can we assume that since the Habs have only played one period, we don't have to worry about tired legs in the third?

Notes on the first:

-Jeez. Hemmed in your own zone by the leafs is just sad. The home team must be all inspired by the greatness of Alan Bester.

-If Cammalleri had a better chance than that, it'd come with a bow on it.

-This is choppier than a forest full of lumberjacks.

-Sigh. Auld just lost sight of the puck and the Uniballer had an easy time on the redirect. Subban was wildly out of position on that too. This is not going to end well unless the Habs pick it up, immediately.

-Halfway through the first and the Canadiens haven't got a shot. This isn't just the worst start of the year, it's an absolute disgrace.

-Well, this is just great. Kessel with his first goal in a million years and Kaberle with his first of the year. Christmas comes early to the ACC and the Habs are playing Santa.

-Spacek gets broken by MacArthur. This is when the Habs need an avenger.

-There's more icing in this game than on a wedding cake.

-Way to go, Halpern with a four-minute interference penalty.

-We can only hope Kaberle is auditioning for a place on the Habs blueline when the deadline rolls around.

-This is beyond awful. There was nothing good in that period.

Pre-game notes:

-All the cool contenders are beating the leafs these days. Hope the Habs are in the club.

-If Lapierre were really as big an asshole as people say, he'd tuck a waffle into his shirt and toss it into the leafs bench if the Habs win.

-Marcus Naslund qualifies for a sweater retirement? Really? I guess it really show the difference in standards between Montreal and the rest of the league.

-Just realized, Hammer might be feeling some contract-year pressure. It's a lot easier for an old guy to take it slow every now and then when he's guaranteed five million in salary next year.

-Great, a pre-game ceremony. Hope the ceremony jinx that usually hits in Montreal affects the home team tonight.

-Wait, does a ceremony count when it's just Sittler, Clark and Bower with a bunch of fourth liners?


Anonymous said...

Well done JT ... I love the new nickname for the one-ball wonder

Humberto said...

i wonder if Spacek has a dislocated shoulder?

Humberto said...

also is it me or were the Habs goal cheers louder than the cheers for the leafs goals? Granted the loudness of the leaf goals were with a horn, but take that away i think its a away/home game for our beloved Habs, what a joke toronto fans are

Humberto said...

Dirty Player of the game goes to Beauchemin, what a piece of crap with that spear earlier in the game

Humberto said...

Ugh, crappy loss, hope they bounce back with a fury with that 3 days off vs the flyers and the bruins, now off to hockey and hope to delete this bitter taste of the leafs winning a game when all they should do is lose, thanks for this games witty comments J.T.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder if maybe Lappy and brother Andrei are not long lost cast members of the Wizard of Oz. Contrary to what you said J.T., I think Lappy's demonstrated decent hands but his mantra should be "if I only had a brain" because he sure makes a lot of brain-dead decisions. Bother Andrei on the other hand simply needs a heart. Perhaps the training staff should keep a set of paddles on the bench and give him a little jolt before each shift. Or maybe the next time they're in Ottawa Dr. Mulder could schedule a stop at the Heart Institute.
And please, we have to stop referring to it as a "power play" when in reality, all we truly have is an extra man on the ice. lol!

Keep up the great work!