Friday, December 10, 2010

Habs vs. Wings - Holiday Treat Edition

Notes on the third:

-I don't know who I'd like to see score more: Gill, Gorges or Boyd. Well, pretty much anyone at this point, but it'd be great if those guys lit the lamp.

-The perils of The Knife's system: noticing a Hab had the puck behind the Detroit net, everyone bolted out of the zone to protect their own end.

-You can tell Eller's front teeth are his own because they stick out more than the artificial chicklets most guys wear. I wonder how long he'll keep them?

-NASA scientists will be tracking the Pouliot shot for the next decade.

-This game is perfect evidence of why the NHL should enforce wood sticks only. The breakage is ridiculous.

-Cammalleri's SO weak on the boards. He's soft as bunnies.

-Great pressure at the end, but it's not enough after giving Detroit a 10-minute PP. Dumbness decided this one.

Notes on the second:

-That was the chintziest too many men call I've ever seen. Really awful. If there's not a borderline even-up call soon, I'll be shocked.

-Nobody looked very good on the second Detroit goal, but this is the rookiest Subban and Eller have looked all year.

-The difference between first-liners and fourth-liners is first-liners go where the puck WILL be, while fourth-liners spend all night going where it was.

-Auld should start against the leafs. Price is getting shelled tonight.

-Great defensive play by Eller. The kid adapts quickly.

-Subban is a bit messed up. He's trying really hard to go for the hit, sacrificing position. He's got to settle down.

-The man-love of the CBC guys for Datsyuk is making me slightly squeamish.

-PK on the PP! NICE saves on the blueline.

-Sigh. That's why he's Datsyuk. You give him a millisecond of opportunity, and he'll make you pay.

-Can Markov go to the Lidstrom school of how not to get hit?

-29 shots against after two periods probably wasn't in the game plan. We can only hope Detroit is tired of shooting and the Habs will have a shot in the third.

Notes on the first:

-Interesting matchup of young goalies with very different paths to the NHL. Howard steeped in the Detroit philosophy of patience and development, Price annointed and thrown to the wolves.

-Passes are going to have to be a whole lot better tonight than they were against the Sens.

-Looking at some of these coloured mouth guards, I'm thinking Lapierre should get something really annoying written on his, so that every time he gives that cocky grin, his teeth read "Douchebag" or something.

-Pyatt is a good puck handler in his own zone. I wonder why he freezes in the O-zone so often?

-Nice to see Hughson give Plekanec credit for his defence.

-Nicer to see Moen cash in. The guy works like an oarsman in Ben Hur.

-Bad dreams of Pleks hurting there. It was his hip that slowed him down in the second half last year. I hope it's not chronic.

-Brilliant save by Price, weird stuck stick, lots of fumbling around by the Habs and an excellent shift ragging the puck by Pleks and through it all, the Wings don't score on the PP. It's a Festivus miracle!

-Too many dumbass penalties is the exact definition of "Fire: Playing with."

-Rafalski dove on that Plekanec call to cause the 5-on-3. I hate when refs fall for that.

-And, of course, one second to go and they tie it. Gorges was completely burnt on that.

-It'd be nice if they actually stay out of the stupid penalty box and play some hockey in the second.

Pre-game notes:

-Why is it we can't stand Gomez when he's in the lineup, but we worry the team will be hurt without him?

-Babcock's a great coach, but he talks like he swallowed his tongue and he's trying not to barf.

-Wow...didn't know Darche had that big bald spot.

-During the anthems, a perfect microcosm of personality: P.K. bouncing out of his skin, Gorges standing steady as a rock.

-Gionta's face is shaped exactly like Mr.Incredible's.

-I like it better when the Habs are the guys in red.

-Danny Cleary's one tough hockey player. Good Newfoundlander too.

-Pleks vs. Datsyuk. HNIC says he's looking forward to the matchup. He's not the only one.

-You know the Habs are playing well when you're excited about playing Detroit, instead of dreading it.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, you can blame the CH for the PPs to some extent, but were the ref even remotely close to fair in this game? The 2 calls for the near 2 min 5v3 were so-so (the second one a blatant dive) before, and the start of the 2nd with the stupidest 6-men call possible, the call on PK for... I still don't know what, and then in the third ignoring EVERYTHING Detroit did in their zone while getting dominated by the Habs (there was quite a bit of hooking and 1-2 trips in there), it was just flat-out unfair.

Sure, you can call indiscipline sometimes, but when the refs kill your guys by forcing them to play on the PK for 10 min with a bunch of weird calls in there, and then totally ignore whatever the other team does when THEY are getting pressured, there's just not much you can do. You can try to overcome that against a so-so team, but not against the #1 team in the West. Hard to blame the Habs for their bad 2nd period when half the team was burnt from playing non-stop on the PK while the other half lacked synchronism for not playing at all.

DKerr said...


I liked Boyd in this game. Was that him on the ice in the last minute trying to get the game tied? That line did was it was supposed to do.

That first period could not end fast enough and it didn't. They shot themselves in the foot with the penalties, but some of those calls were chintzy. It would have been nice if the hook on Moen was called late in the 3rd, but I guess one call created must be his alloted amount by the zebras.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world are Gill and Gorges using composite sticks? Neither is a scoring threat and both would benefit from the heavier, solid wood sticks. If I were Martin I would give them old rakes until they switched.

Anonymous said...

At the game great hockey, nice to see so many of us Habs fans proudly cheer. Wings have much more depth.

Number31 said...

Should be a rule: defensive defencemen must use wood stick. Hell, Gill practically uses a tree anyway. Or maybe that's why he doesn't want a wood stick. He's doing it for the environment...?