Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oilers vs. Habs - Team Tank Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-I don't know about that Taylor Hall. He seems kind of disrespectful to me. Somebody might do something to him.

-Man, when you can't clear the puck against the scrambly Edmonton offence, you know your D's got puck-handling issues.

-Gill's not having a stellar night tonight.

-Stellar job by the ref on the Cammy trip to lead to the Oiler shorty. Brutal.

-It's not the physicality of other teams that kills the Habs. It's the speed. Fast teams baffle the Canadiens old, slow D.

-Pierre McGuire's Homoerotic Comment of the Night: "Sammy Gagne, hard on Cammalleri all night long." Thanks Pierre. Thought you'd gone "soft" on us.

-Cammalleri is now actively hurting the team. Stupid giveaway for the winning goal in OT. Horrible. I don't know what the hell is up with him this year, but somebody needs to find it and fix it.

-Price, as my good goalie friend said, could have stopped the winner if he'd had his stick on the ice. One small flaw in a generally stellar positional game.

-On to Jersey tomorrow. Sigh.

Notes on the second:

-Forgot to give credit to Gomez last period...distracted by a phone call, turned around and they "said" Gomez scored.

-These Oiler kids are going to be really good in about two years. They're super fast.

-Spacek is getting burned so badly by Eberle, he's now Cajun.

-Kostitsyn get hit. Andrei mad. Andrei make bad team pay.

-Hamrlik the Milestone Man.

-Price is brilliant as a new silver dollar.

-Crazy end of period, but Martin's got to be sweating bullets to see his system falling apart on all these odd-man rushes.

Notes on the first:

-The kindergartens are learning simple patterns this week: win, loss, win, loss, win, loss...let's hope the Habs missed that lesson.

-Wow, thought for sure that Whitney shot was in the net. Nice post!

-Oilers are really buzzing. I hate those extra days off.

-Stupid penalties aren't helping matters here. It's going to burn them, number-two PK or not.

-And, there we go. I'm not sure if Price could have had that or not, but the shot had a comet tail on it.

-Habs had better wake up for the second. They should be much more in charge here.


Unknown said...

Haha - J.T., did you not mention the Gomez goal because you also cannot believe it happened?

Number31 said...

No offense to Darche but if he's the only reason they scored 3 goals in the first place, that's disturbing. (Well, 3rd goal was Eller and a rare-moment of brilliance by Pouliot but he was on the ice too).

Mandy said...

Sigh. I guess the Habs just had a complete meltdown on all ends of the ice tonight.