Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Habs vs.Rags - Inner Body Injury Edition

Notes on the third:

-Gill's getting robbed here. This is elder abuse.

-Pouliot and Plekanec seem to be getting something going. Interesting.

-I hope McDonagh is responsible for a huge giveaway for the winner, just to shut up the "I told you so-ers."

-Pouliot has that over-the-shoulder sneak shot off the left boards down to a science. Fantastic!

-Oh man...I nearly had a stroke just watching Spacek hustle back to beat the icing against Gaborik.

-Gionta saves P.K.'s spinning ass with the huge bodycheck. So many things happening in this game that you never get to write very often.

-Gill covers more territory than the British Empire when he lies down.

-There are four-and-a-half minutes to go. I'm wondering how I'll be feeling in five.

-They don't win easily...but somehow, they win. Wow. Darche, Pouliot and Spacek were excellent.

-Hope the boys get home on time.

Notes on the second:

-Habs PP is effective as a training bra on Dolly Parton.

-Hey! Gomez made an aggressive offensive play and got off a good shot!

-Spacek plays so much better on his natural side. How could they have been playing him on the wrong side for so long?

-Gill's slower than erosion.

-It's so annoying to hear the announcers call Weber "Veber." I know it's proper Swiss-Geramn pronunciation, but the man himself has said he prefers "Weber."

-Habs goal was the result of a good forecheck, nice passing, and the first time all year that Spacek held the puck instead of shooting into a defender's shins.

-Funny to see Spatch on the bench, laughing when they announce him as the goalscorer.

-Habs can win this, but they need more of the last five minutes of the second and less of the first five.

Notes on the first:

-I had to turn over to RDS because McGuire's man-love for McDonagh is too romantic for me.

-Subban and Gill are getting torched worse than Joan of Arc out there.

-Habs down 1-0? No problem. They can still spot Lundqvist four more and win.

-This is the kind of game where Maxim Lapierre would make a big difference. NOT!

-Gill is such a large mammal, you'd think he could hammer a shot like that more often.

-Eller's not helping his case to stick in the lineup here.

-And, of course, Boston's winning again. I hate the Sens.

-I really wish the league would allow teams to dress a specialist. I'd love to have Gill next year, but only for the PK.

-You know what? Auld does a good job for someone who sees less ice than a Brazilian peasant.

-Habs are making the Rags look like the Flyers here, although the hit counters are generous and giving the teams five apiece. Wouldn't that be a cool job? The guy who gets to count hits in NHL games? Anyway...

-Subban gets caught for retaliation when the blind refs don't see the original hold. Funny how they only see the second hit.

-Saved by the buzzer at the end. Habs had better find more in the second, or they're going to be facing the blizzard tonight depressed.


pfhabs said...


-stale McGuire commentary aside McDonagh is going to be a good maybe very good Dman and not one to have been dealt for the likes of The Gomer

Pierre B. said...

I saw a pre-game interview where Weber told Pierre Houde how exactly he wanted his name pronounced. I don't know what he told other play by play announcers but Houde does what Weber asked of him.

Rock on the Rock said...

Damn, you got to love it!

moeman said...


MC said...

Is it funny however everyone looks better when they play with Plekanc? Although full credit to Pouliot and Darche, they have been good together all season. They may have played their way onto the second line. DD-Cammy-AK46 as a third line maybe?

I know everyone likes to make fun of Darche because he skates like he is wearing ankle weights and his hands are as soft as granite, but he has great offensive instincts, uses his teammates well, always goes to the net, and is a great team player. JM actually gains some respect from me for playing him.

My favorite quote of the night by Gord Miller: "Spacek is one tough piece of Czech gristle."

Anonymous said...

Watched the game on MSG and didn't have to put up with the Canada feed. Hockey is definitely Canada's game but the announcers a lame. And not a single one likes the Habs except for RDS of course.