Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Ten Reasons Why You Know You're A Habs Fan

I've already given you ten reasons and ten more reasons why you know you're a Habs fan. Here now are this year's top ten:

10. Before you entertain, you check the schedule for a Saturday when the Habs are off.

9. You own both number 17 and number 22 vintage Benoit Brunet sweaters and you don't care who knows it.

8. You've tattooed a CH somewhere on your body, often where it's in full display even while you're dressed in formal wear.

7. You sometimes wonder what Kjell Dahlin and Steve Penney are up to these days.

6. You remained dry-eyed through your grandfather's funeral because you're a stoic man's man, but you had "something in your eye" when the Habs eliminated the Caps last spring.

5. You keep your autographed Jean Beliveau photo with the wedding pictures and baby books so you can save it quickly in case of fire.

4. You're pretty sure David Desharnais' autograph will be worth something someday.

3. You just know you could get more out of Andrei Kostitsyn than Jacques Martin does. And if you couldn't, you know you could get a great deal for him.

2. You haven't gone to church in the last ten years, but nine months ago you crawled up the 99 steps of St.Joseph's Oratory on your knees, hoping Brother Andre would help the Habs in the playoffs.

And the number-one reason why you know you're a Habs fan this year:

1. The fluctuation in your mood between "tank for a pick" and "we could win it all" probably requires medication.

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this is just so very beautiful!