Friday, January 21, 2011

Habs vs.Sens - Bulldogs Edition

Notes on the third:

-Habs killed that 5-on-3 like the Devils killed hockey in the '90s.

-Kostitsyn picking up the garbage. One must think, if he couldn't play hockey, he would, in fact, be a garbageman.

-Actually had a moment of worry about Neil's eye. Then thought he's an idiot for not wearing a visor.

-Price is just playing for his stats now.

-Close-up of Murray in the press box on his blackberry. Is he texting Clouston to turn in his keys after the game?

-Moen gets smashed, and White avenges his teammate with moderate success.

-P.K. with the bomb. Hope everyone is happy he didn't celebrate the Habs' seventh goal.

-A good result, and the big lead allowed Martin to roll his lines. Hopefully they're ready for Habs West tomorrow.

Notes on the second:

-Uh penalties in the first. Chris Lee is going to start getting antsy to earn his money soon.

-Now THAT'S what Gomez is paid to do, and a great finish by the Captain.

-Engqvist came so close to his first NHL goal, he'll be mentally kicking himself all night. "Engqvist" is hard to type.

-First PP, and there's Pax, right back where he got killed last game. Brave man rewarded with soft goal.

-It's scary when Price gets a big lead and then gets adventurous with the puck.

-Speaking of adventurous, P.K.'s gonna hear it from Jacques the Knife for passing out in front of his own net.

-PLEKS! That breakaway was sweeter than Mary Poppins.

-DD must be so excited to play on a PP of this quality. Bet he feels like he's dreaming.

-The second game in a row Gill's the second guy to go to put the Habs down two men. Not good.

-If Plekanec was dying, the last thing he'd do would be knock the puck to safety on a PK.

Notes on the first:

-Pouliot seems none the worse for wear...and a great pass by Darche.

-Engqvist's first NHL shift's not much to write home about. He and White look a bit like Babes in Toyland.

-Plekanec's shot is not so much a cannon as a rifle. In the end, though, they both kill.

-Pacioretty is tough as possum meat.

-Is there a pass Plekanec can't make? Amazing. And is there anyone who can finish them? Equally amazing.

-One defensive breakdown, and, of course, the Neil/Kelly combo is all over it.

-Moen's playing softer than plush.

-Eller's looking good with Plekanec. But then, who doesn't?

-Major defensive troubles in the last half of that period will have to be fixed, pronto, for the second.


punkster said...

Sens...incredible underachievers.

punkster said...

If you get wings for 5, do you get hearts for 6? Or heartburn?

punkster said...

Good work J.T.

Anvilcloud said...

Another great job. Do you think of similes all of the time to trot out when you need them, or do they just come to you?

J.T. said...

@punkster: Thanks!

@anvilcloud: I don't plan it. It just comes out according to the play. Just trying to describe what I see.

Anonymous said...

Great job Dickie (Dunn).
Just tried to catch the spirit of the thing Reg.