Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pens vs.Habs - Oh, Sid's Aching Head Edition

Notes on the third:

-Really? That's a penalty on Pouliot? I thought the refs were only supposed to give freebies to the Pens if Sid's in the lineup.

-I guess the story of this game will be the sucky PK and Price's lack of concentration. Ugh.

-When you have a depleted team, these sorts of soft-head plays can't happen.

-Pouliot AGAIN??? Come on! Salt in the wound was the goal he scored at the same time he got called. This is unreal.

-Subban floats like a bee, stings like a butterfly.

-Penalties to the right of them, penalties to the left of them...

-Price is awful. He made a couple of nice saves, but he gave up too many softies to keep this team in it. Brutal.

Notes on the second:

-There's not a person in the Bell not smiling to see Desharnais' first NHL goal. The look on his face on the bench was incandescent.

-Ugh. Another unstoppable bullet for the Pens. Wish the Habs had a few shots like that.

-Spacek is looking like an old guy playing his fifth period of hockey in 24 hours, after a long, painful trip home.

-I always want the Habs to win, but especially tonight because the Pens are rubbing in every goal they score in retaliation for Price's "gesture" last time they played. If the Habs pull this off, I hope Price does a friggin' rain dance in the crease.

-Staal's mother needs to call and tell him to get a haircut. The hippy thing isn't working for him.

-WHY do I get excited when Pyatt's in the clear? It's cruel.

-Not a good penalty to take, Wiz.

-This pace is going to make Hammer and Spatch stroke out.

-It's not a good sign that Desharnais is better physically than Kostitsyn.

-How can a guy who looks as much like The Count not be able to count to five?

-And the lousy too many men penalty gives Carey an opportunity to blow it on YET another last minute goal. He was awful on that. It didn't help that Spacek gave it directly to Staal, but Price simply blew it. Sigh.

-It's pushing their luck to try and win another game coming from behind, and in recent years the Habs haven't had that much luck.

Notes on the first:

-In the Canadiens' case, it shouldn't be called a power play. It should be "Two minutes with the extra ineffectual guy."

-Something's wrong with Pleks. He hasn't been the same in the last ten games.

-Ugh. Another ineffectual PP.

-Price just blew that Goligoski shot. He saw it all the way, but just missed.

-Spoke too soon on Pleks. That line with Pouliot and Darche is going great guns.

-The funny thing is if Martin dumped Plekanec down to the third line last night to punish his lacklustre play, Pleks has turned the tables by making the third line into the first.

-Did they start with Eller, AK and DD? That's the Wizard of Oz line. Eller's got the heart, DD's got the noive and they're going to see the Wizard to get AK a brain.

-Price is making some nice saves overall.

-Not a bad period. Good thing they got the quick push back.


Unknown said...

Pouliot. Talk about a way to sabotage your own success.

Anonymous said...

Scoring two goals a night is not going to win many in the NHL.

No offensive zone pressure generates few power plays.

You cant win unless you score goals. JM better modify his "system" in a hurry. One forward on the forecheck with the other two cycling in and out from the blue line isnt going to score much.

The problem is with the coach now.


Anonymous said...

Have to agree. Pop gun offense hand cuffs these guys. But the folks that would bring that up when they were winning can see that barely 2.5 goals for a game wont cut it!

Anonymous said...

You know who would have been a good coach for this team? Guy Boucher. Yeah that guy. New fresh ideas. Progressive thinker. Someone who seems to enjoy hockey played from an offensive perspective.

The Habs are a puck possession team? Come on. They sit back at the blue line and and send one guy deep.

If they dont unload Kostitsyn at the deadline I will lose it! My only hope is that this guy gets hot and brings up his market value so they can unload him.