Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rags vs. Habs - Deja Vu Edition

Notes on the third:

-I wonder if Muller ever gets an NHL head coaching job, if he'll hire Carbo as an assistant?

-Subban is really showing a newfound patience on D.

-Does Price have something against covering the puck?

-The Habs got a little complacent in the second and they look like they weren't quite prepared for the Rags to push in the third. Time to wake up now.

-Martin's tie of choice tonight looks like it's covered in cartoon sperm.

-Non-hockey-watching spouse asks whether Gill's sticks cost more because they're twice as long as anyone else's. Good question.

-The last ten minutes of this period have been an exercise in collapse.

-GILL! What the hell? A penalty with a minute to go.

-Price saves the night after his team tried to blow it. I had a minor heart attack.

Notes on the second:

-How does CBC miss the first fifteen seconds of the period?

-The Habs must lead the league in stupid DOG penalties. Good thing Staal stalled on the open net.

-Spacek and Weber are a scarier pair than Freddy and Jason.

-Nice to see someone other than the Habs can't count.

-Funny close-up of Cammalleri punching his stick when it doesn't do what he wants.

-Price must have been getting bored with less than ten shots, so he decided to give the puck away and make things more exciting.

-The PP is looking like it did circa 2008, with Markov and Souray on the points. Damn you, Lundqvist.

-The Captain's chipper than plywood tonight.

-No late goals again. If not for Lundqvist, the Habs would be up by five.

Notes on the first:

-I should probably be feeling more excited to see Cammalleri back in the lineup.

-There are too many officials on the ice. They affect the outcome of games by getting in the way all the time.

-Gio's made two egregious giveaways less than three minutes in.

-Lundqvist is smart to redirect the rebound off the back boards. Those end up in the net at the Bell Centre a lot.

-What the hell was Weber doing on the Ranger goal? Looked like he was fishing. He and Spacek were both guilty of chasing the puck and not stopping the man.

-Hammer time! And Super Darche with yet another great screen.

-Subban was Markovian on that pass to Plekanec.

-That's the happiest I've ever seen Andrei Kostitsyn. The shot was harder than Tortorella's heart.

-Moen wins by virtue of the takedown on Newbury.

-The reffing is awful. Kostitsyn was thrown to the ice at the end there and no call.

-Good on them to keep the puck out of their own net with a minute to go this time around. It'd be nice to see two more period like that one.


Rock on the Rock said...

Leigh Anne, your "non-hockey watching spouse watches hockey; just tell him to get over it, already! Mine is the same but when the Habs were getting it done last year playoffs I caught her "not watching the game" over the top of her female porn book (romance novel).
For christ's sake, Bob Cole isn't a Newfoundlander (must have been born in a different St John's! My Mother is a townie and she isn't an obnoxious LAffs lover!)
What game was Sour grapes watching tonight? Coaches corner didn't even acknowledge the Habs-Rangers game.
Oh well, I guess it's better that everyone isn't a Habs fan. It's like being a Newfoundlander; we wouldn't want everyone moving here. I tell everhyone to visit but they can only stay a couple weeks, 3 tops! lol

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a game where the refs called it right? And they know it. So they try to even it up if the dumb calls don't match. Refs are refs. The only time I liked them last night was when the teams started off with five minutes without a whistle.

I liked that Lundqvist lost it last night. Finally the team goes to the net and he gets a taste of what Price faces every period.

Anonymous said...

-Where were the Habs in the third? (what an epic collapse!!)

-Lundqvist is amazing

-That was a great hockey game to watch

-Let's take those two points because man we could have none now.

-Subban was simply everywhere

-We need to sign the Wiz soon.

-Why did the Rangers get the Power play after Lundqvist's brain cramp at Max Pac?

-We more than ever need to address the issue of scoring goals. Every game is putting more light on the problem

Thank God we won otherwise I would be pissed without words at that 3rd period failure.



Anonymous said...

What purpose do the play-by-play and analyst serve? When the Rangers got a power play after the Lundqvist skirmish there was no explanation regarding the Ranger powerplay. Apparently Pacioretty got an extra two for closing his hand on the puck but I guess Bob and his side kick are deaf or didn't care enough to let the TV audience know. Guess he was disappointed the Rangers didn't tie it up like he predicted.

As far as the Gill penalty goes, it looked like the Ranger player held his stick under his arm as he went down. Clever move to draw the penalty.

I'm surprised that the Habs won both games with NY. The Rangers are big, young and strong. I guess it helps when your GM will bury his mistakes in the AHL. Who is this guy Boyle? 6'7" and 245 and he can skate. No wonder he gets goals in the crease. No Hab defenseman can move him. Don't want to see the Habs play them best of seven. Let the Flyers deal with them.

P.K continues to impress me. He is so strong on the puck. He is the only defenseman for the Habs who can carry the puck up the boards and clear the zone without any help when under pressure. I just love the kid. He was terrific last night. Why he wasn't he a high first round pick I'll never know. Just glad we got him. Now if we could just get his best buddy Tavares.

moeman said...

So many bad refs its hard to keep count. Four of them on the ice and they miss so many infractions. When they do call them its either weak or some retribution call. I know the game is fast but the reffing is bush league.

punkster said...

Yes, PK is showing confidence. Did the press box time have an effect on his head, on him better understanding his role, on how he could maybe utilize his skills to the team's advantage? Naaa, that would be too radical.