Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blues vs. Habs - I Got the Blues Edition

Notes on the third:

-I feel bad for Cammalleri, Plekanec and Price.

-This is like watching the late '90s all over again. Except I don't think those teams got paid as much.

-Why do they tease us like that? An equalizer with less than a minute to go makes us think they're clutch.

-Tanking is no longer debatable. This team is doing it, like it or not. If the Habs can get an all-star in the draft, it's like saying the guy shot next to you didn't die in vain.

Notes on the second:

-Anybody remember good hockey? Anybody?

-Darche is showing the speed difference between the NHL and the AHL is pretty dramatic.

-I don't remember the last time Bergeron scored a goal. And if he's not scoring, he's as much use as a eunuch in a sperm bank.

-The Bell Centre DJ is playing "Clap Your Hands," and 21 273 are looking up with "You've got to be kidding me" expressions.

-I feel the pain of the paying customers, but I still feel booing your own team does nothing to help.

-Yay! Another delay-of-game penalty. At least they're leading the league in SOMETHING.

-Unless there's a massive change of momentum in the third, welcome to the third five-game losing streak of the year because this team isn't winning on the weekend either.

Notes on the first:

-See? This is why TSN should never have bought the Hockey Theme. They just ruined it with all their nifty new takes on it.

-I can actually watch on TSN now, because any criticism the Habs get is probably justified.

-Moen looks like he fights on a merry-go-round.

-I think the Habs must have the highest percentage of brutal delay-of-game penalties in the league.

-Awesome first goal allowed by Price. You can say "tipped" all you like, but NHL goalies stop tipped shots. And the second one? Squeezed through his legs to come out for the rebound. It's not all his fault, but he's not helping.

-Perron is making Pacioretty look like another Trevor Timmins steal. Of his Canadiens salary.

-The Stealth Tank strategy is becoming increasingly obvious. Soon it's just going to be the Tank.

-Price has apparently decided eight D isn't enough, so he's joining the rush now. I think he's losing it.

-I wonder how long it'll be before Pouliot can score a goal without anyone on RDS saying "Latendresse?" Oh yeah...I had to switch when the glee on TSN got to be too much to take.

-Is it just his face, or does the rest of Spacek look like the Czech version of the Pillsbury Doughboy too?

-Gomez has so much skill, but he looks like he doesn't give a flying damn so often.

-I think the Canadiens need to practice the 2-on-1 sometime. Both the goalie and the D always play the shooter and nobody plays the pass.

-I hate Martin, the System and losing. Ugh.


dusty said...

-Oh well, another must win game lost. Montreal just might be the worst team in the NHL right now. We'll have to wait for March 11 game with the Oilers to know for sure.

Raphaƫl P. said...

J.T. your awesome. your anger and frustration are, sadly, a constant source of amusement. keep up the desperation!


Anonymous said...

If last year`s debacle didnt happen on the 100th anniversay it`d be a different thing altogether...but that being said, we had celebrations all year long. Add to that the fact that we fluked into 1st in our conference. We had a golden opportunity to clean house and go for rebuilding carefully last summer, but went the whole UFA route... and I will bet you my brand new bed that the pressure was all from the on-going Centennial celebration stuff. Oh, and yeah we have a pretty crazy media in Montreal that is not going to get any better over the french thing.


Olivier said...

I don't get that Perron vs Pacioretty thing... Perron was drafted 12th, Pax 22nd. And everyone was howling at Timmins at the time because he didn't draft Esposito...

J.T. said...

@Olivier: Perron went 26th. There's your explanation.

@anon: I agree the stupid Centennial had a lot to do with management's mindset in building this team.

Anonymous said...

Why feel sorry for Price-he lost another game for us...this is the Pillsbury Doughboy Smurf team.
I hate JM too-always have hated him( wonder who dresses him for the games ).......If this keeps up -the team will turn me against Captain Kirk....
Keep up the posts JT (the Milbury one was priceless )