Saturday, January 9, 2010

Devils vs. Habs - Go To Hell Marty Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-Accidentally switched to HNIC during the intermission and now my new hockey wish is to meet Mike Milbury. So I can kick him in the nuts.

-Pacioretty against most forecheckers is like a spider against a beetle. Tall and wiry against squat and powerful. Funny how spiders eat beetles though.

-'Dogs are winning again tonight. Can we dump The System and hire Boucher already?

-Where have all Pleks points gone? Long time passing. Where have all Pleks points gone? Long time ago...

-Halak's really good at the Hail Mary save, isn't he? He's very bendy.

-Martin's proof NHL coaches should not wear the colour mauve. He looks like a guy who came out after his kids graduated from high school.

-Habs just don't have a plethora of finishers. Lots of raw wood, no varnish.

-Damn. Was Bergeron supposed to be on defence there in OT? Too bad if he was, because he's a sucky defenceman.

-Halak just got a big point off a contender and might have got the win if his mates hadn't given up an OT breakaway. Can we say he can compete against good teams now?

Notes on the second:

-Round and round we go...where we stop only Marty knows.

-Plekanec and Cammalleri picked a hell of a time to both stop scoring.

-For one, brief second, I saw 44 and thought "Souray." Imagine him on the point during this flacid PP once more? Ahhhh...memories.

-Gomez wants to hurt his old team. He enjoyed that goal more than a dowdy girl enjoys the prom queen getting pimples.

-I thought for sure Markov scored on the backdoor sneak. Officials say no, but the replay says maybe the officials were wrong.

-Boarding call on Lapierre was as valid as the second shooter on the grassy knoll.

-Ryan White is such an upgrade on Laraque, in terms of regular play. It's like moving from the No-Tell Motel to the Hilton.

-Habs held their own there. Now, in the next period, they have to hold the Devils' as well.

Notes on the first:

-Why is it the Devils can have anyone play on their blueline and they all can play the same way? Whereas the Habs can have anyone on the blueline and they all immediately turn softer than soft. Could it be a system failure?

-Moen and Fraser looked like two puppies pulling on a sock in that fight. The linesmen finally had to break in out of pity.

-I don't agree with the general perception that D'Agostini is a pussy, but I"m pretty sure I heard a meow once or twice tonight.

-The first adrenaline of Markov's return has worn off, now he's making a few more mistakes than he did at first.

-Perry Pearn. Assistant coach, or member of the witness protection program?

-Okay period. The Habs are going to have to get a lot pushier in the second though. And if Jersey scores again before then, I'm not hopeful.


Arune Singh said...

I can't say it enough-- these recaps are great. It really enhances my appreciation of the game.

We, the fans, thank you.

J.T. said...


And, I, the blogger, thank you too! I appreciate your readership.

dusty said...

Love your Milbury comment (nice suit though). Laughed when he alluded to his ownership trouble on the Island, like that's why he screwed up the their team. I too accidently switched to HNIC, what a bunch of tools.
As far as the game goes, I am amazed how the Devils win so many games without a second line center. The Habs played a great game and still couldn't beat them. As a fan I appreciate their efforts but am getting a little sick of hearing "this game is a measuring stick... etc.". I think by now everbody knows how the Habs stack up against the winners. At this point in the season, they don't. Hope they can beat Ottawa a couple of times and push them out of the playoff picture along with the Bruins. That would be sweet.
Second Arune's comment, thanks for your coverage, especially the laughs.